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Faith Can Give us Wings- I finished writing this today

Dec 14, 2008 - 19 comments

Faith Can Give Us Wings

You’re down on your knees
The tears won’t stop coming
You want to find the strength
To get up and start running

You have failed
Or someone’s failed you
What has your life come to
And what more can you do

You gave all you had
You really gave it all
Why is no one here
To catch you when you fall?

Well all you need is faith
You’re really not alone
You look for strength and you can’t see
That you’ve had it all along

Don’t think too much
Just let it be
Learn from the experience
And really try to see

That there are things we cannot change
No matter how much they matter
That we must not dwell on things
That made our hearts shatter

All we have is today
A clean canvas to paint
And you can choose to leave it blank
And choose someone else to blame

But sooner or later
You’re going to have to see
Faith holds the crutches
That gets us off our knees

If you can stop thinking about yesterday
That melted you in sorrow
Take it day by day
And not worry about tomorrow

You’ll set yourself free
You need to see
You can’t run away
From what is meant to be

But we do have choices
Each day we are given
We can chase with open hearts
The dreams that we believe in

We make with our lives
What WE decide to make
In the journey we will fall
And learn from our mistakes

And we CAN rise above
The sea we’re sinking in
We hang on to our hope
And then our faith gives us wings