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Cleveland Clinic Heart Center and MedHelp Saved My Husband's Life!

Oct 15, 2007 - 6 comments



Dor Procedure


Heart surgery


Cleveland Clinic

My husband had a major heart attack back in 1993 and had to have a defibrillator implanted shortly thereafter.  About 2 years ago during a routine angiogram, the cardiologist in our home state told us that my husband’s heart was grossly enlarged and he had a 75% blockage of his left main artery.  He went on to say that there was nothing more they could do here in our area.  

Through the MedHelp website I learned the Cleveland Clinic Foundation (CCF) was ranked  #1 Heart Center and asked if we should go there for help?  The cardiologist said “absolutely” and added  that the severity of my husband’s problems were beyond the skills of the doctors here in our area.  We asked my husband’s cardiologist how much time we had and he said he would like to see my husband up at CCF “within 2 days”.    

After getting and reviewing all the records and talking with my husband’s cardiologist on the phone,  the folks up at the Cleveland Clinic said “book your flights and we’ll take care of the rest”.  Two days later  we arrived and 4 days after that my husband had the “Dor Procedure” – a new procedure that was having some excellent results.  The Dor Procedure is surgery to cut away some of the dead portion of the heart, so that the heart does not have to work so hard with each contraction.  

Two years after the Dor Procedure, my husband is doing extremely well – he plays golf two to three times a week and really doesn’t have too many limitations at all.  The sad thing is,  a month or so after my husband’s surgery, we heard about someone else in our area with a problem similar to my husbands’.  That person had been told there was nothing more his doctor could do, period and the patient died.  It’s a shame that his doctor didn’t suggest any alternatives like going to a major medical institution.  

MedHelp's website and information helped save my husband's life and we will be forever grateful!