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Boyfriend is a cheesehead!

Jun 25, 2017 - 0 comments

Last time I had a migraine headache I was told I was the one working myself up. It was the 20th so last week. I couldn't stand noise, and the boyfriend? I told him to bring the computer volume down, he did and went downstairs while I was like aching with a damn cluster a big one on top of my head that was swinging. I almost wanted to leave his ******* place, as I became restless and impatient.  What surprised me was that I was able to calm myself down so much  so I don't throw up and I didn't..yay! for me I guess I'm progressing in that field; I didn't need to go to the hospital so they can shove intravenouses to get the pain out of my system. I will however, need to get some Advil or Tylenol 400 . I have nothing here to cure it :'(. Tonight for supper I am eating mixed vegetables  with rice noodles ,beef broth and Sriracha sauce...HOTTT! but I like it.