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Pink spotting??

May 11, 2016 - 4 comments

Today I put on yellow underwear and a little while ago I went to the bathroom and notice the tiniest little pink spot on the underwear..honestly can't say 100% that it wasn't there before I put them on and I've went to the bathroom 3-4 times since then, NONE at all not even a hint of color on the toilet paper and I checked for CM (sorry tmi, haha) and am getting no pink that I notice...should I be concerned?? If I was spotting pink I should see it when I wipe, I would think?

Test or not?

Mar 22, 2016 - 12 comments

So I was on Microgestin birth control the last 3 months, this past month (about a week and a half, two weeks ago), my period was due, and never came. I called my OB he said this can be normal with this birth control, I do NOT like the idea of not having a period, as great as it sounds I was reading horror stories about miscarrying afterwards due to an unstable uterine lining, DH and I are planning on trying soon anyway, so I stopped the pills. It's been about a week and a half, or two like I said, and still no AF, I tested when I originally missed my period and it was negative. I had EWCM about 5-6 days ago, so do you think maybe I O'ed and AF is on it's way, or should I retest?? It should have been positive when I originally missed AF, right?

LONG, but I need input!! Pediatrician troubles.

Feb 08, 2016 - 16 comments

So I need some input on if I'm overreacting/crazy or not! Lol! So Dameon, since he was born has had freeequent ear infections, each cold/flu season we deal with 6-7, this year has been 5. My pediatrics office has two doctors, the one we mainly saw and trusted has left two times and come back, so she hasn't gotten to experience just HOW many ear infections he'd been getting, because he'd either see one or the other. Well she left for good about a year ago and we've been seeing a doctor that I absolutely hate. He's rude, unprofessional, talks over EVERYONE and doesn't let anyone talk. Dameon has had 5 ear infections this year, and of course, EVERY ear infection I take him to the dr, because they friggen hurt and I'm not making my child suffer through them. We saw a random PA last time and she referred us to an ENT doctor, we saw this dr, he said I'll just write you a script for antibiotics and if he says he has an ear ache, fill it, then that way you don't have to bother going to your regular doctor. So we've had to go to the dr 5 times ALONE for ear infections, and he's been diagnosed with an ear infection every single time. So in between those 5 appts (JUST this cold season), my daughter has gotten SUCH a cough, mucousy, flemmy, so hoarse from coughing and it lasted 9 days so at about day 8 I made her an appt, he diagnosed it as "viral" and I left, well day 9 she got feeling a little better, day 12, she's coughing just as bad, I take her back, "ohhh she's caught ANOTHER viral". so that makes about 7 appts this cold season. About two months ago Dameon was complaining of stomach aches, he'd randomly say he was having an upset stomach, decreased appetite and I was noticing it sometimes more after dairy, I called, talked to the nurse and she said make him an appt. Took him in, saw the random P.A again who was thinking maybe a tad lactose sensitive? Not so much intolerance. So we stopped most dairy, only a tiny bit here and there and he's STILL complaining of stomach aches randomly, very very decreased appetite, even of the things he likes to eat, hasn't gained a pound in well over a year. I mean I expect some times a decrease in appetite, but it's NOT re-increasing. So today I made him an appt. We walked in (this is probably 8th-9th appt this cold season), and our regular dr (the one I hate) is talking to Dameon, he's also looking/engaging with me so he says "so is there anything else going on besides your belly trouble?" and looks at me, so I say, actually he did complain of an ear ache saturday but not again since so I was going to have you look at that also. He says well actually I'm talking to dameon right now. (Annoying...because we're supposed to be ONE unit...Dameon is shy as is, so he's a quiet answerer) He starts checking Dameon's belly, and then gets on the topic of bowel movements, when was his last one, how hard it is, etc, and Dameon is SOOO shy about this stuff.. even I am not allowed in the bathroom when he's going, he hates talking about this stuff, so Dameon's face gets red, he looks at me and is lightly swinging his feet, and the dr literally gets between Dameon and I and says "I'm going to stand in between you and mommy if you can't talk to me without looking at her, you're not a baby" and so Dameon is uncomfortable by this point, he also tells Dameon to stop the nervous feet swinging. He says "Dameon is there anything that you eat that increases you're upset stomach?" (I had told him previously about the dairy upsetting his stomach) and Dameon's uncomfortable, shy, and says no just to get this damn visit over with and he says to Dameon "So mommy's crazy? she's making it up?" and laughs, but he was being an ***. As we get talking he says I think it's dairy/constipation, I said it happens immediately after dairy, not hours after, immediately, and then sometimes randomly, I'm worried lactose intolerance or some sort of food allergy, he says nope constipation. Well while we're talking, Chloe is quietly saying something to me and I don't even hear her because I'm talking to him (blocking her out) and he walks over and taps Chloe (who is also VERY shy) and says "can you please stop talking while mommy and I are talking? it's distracting" so she gets super shy, and then right as we're getting ready to leave he walks over to give Dameon a sucker (at 9am, before school), and he walks to chloe with a sucker holding his hand out and says "do you want one?" and chloe's shy so she kind of turns toward me and he said no thanks? okay! we'll see you next time and walks out, so Chloe got so upset and starts crying, he didn't even give her 2 seconds to respond. I was just SO furious walking out. I need to know if I'm overreacting! And if I'm bringing them in for stupid reasons? Every time I've taken them I feel like I need to, and 95% of the time it's Dameon's ear infections, but since we've gotten the ENT prescription we haven't needed to go in for ear infections and I bring him in for this stomach visit and he makes it out like I'm nuts, I'm making things up and bringing them in for the most absurd reasons. Ugh. Needless to say, today I switched their pediatricians to one an hour away because I'm SO angry. But I would really like input on if I'm overreacting. Thanks ladies!

baby number 3?

Oct 24, 2015 - 7 comments

So originally Dh and I wanted 2 kids, we got a healthy boy& girl, thinking we were complete. Lately I have thought way too much about a 3rd baby to go through with a tubal, but not quite ready to jump in to a 3rd soon. Dh is on board if I am with one more baby but I'm also really thinking is this just baby fever, chloe getting bigger, dameon in 1st grade, etc. I do NOT want a baby just because of baby fever, I can't keep having babies simply because I miss having one around, lol! But I can't sort through my feelings enough to figure out if I genuinley want one more or just miss a baby. I'm waiting a while until chloes more independent and probably in school to make a final decision, any thoughts on how to work through this??