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baby number 3?

Oct 24, 2015 - 0 comments

So originally Dh and I wanted 2 kids, we got a healthy boy& girl, thinking we were complete. Lately I have thought way too much about a 3rd baby to go through with a tubal, but not quite ready to jump in to a 3rd soon. Dh is on board if I am with one more baby but I'm also really thinking is this just baby fever, chloe getting bigger, dameon in 1st grade, etc. I do NOT want a baby just because of baby fever, I can't keep having babies simply because I miss having one around, lol! But I can't sort through my feelings enough to figure out if I genuinley want one more or just miss a baby. I'm waiting a while until chloes more independent and probably in school to make a final decision, any thoughts on how to work through this??

irregular cycles on bc

Oct 15, 2015 - 7 comments

So for the past year or so I have had problems with bleeding between periods, not every month and not much, just the occassional brown/reddish spotting here and there maybe a few days every few months. My dr has switched my birth control 3 times, nothing has worked. The spotting is usually onset by things like exercising too hard, etc. My doctor said this is because the bc isn't effective enough, so this last time he said if this pill doesn't work then consider a d&c to reset my periods. I realllly don't want to do it from the list of possible complications post procedure. I'm going to talk with him about stopping bc completely for a few months and try to reset my body that way, using condoms and opks to track my fertile days of course. Has anyon else had a problem like this?? It worries me that there's more going on!

Separation anxiety and constantly scared! Help!

Sep 15, 2015 - 22 comments

I need advice, help, a drink, hahaha, seriously though. Chloe is 2 1/2, I know which is the normal "separation anxiety, scared of everything" stage, but I am losing my MIND! Chloe has been getting progressively worse about waking up at night, she will go to bed around 8, wake up by 11-12, if I put her back in her bed and rub her back, then tip toe out, she might sleep for an hour or two before we do it again, so I finally got SO tired I have been getting up and sleeping on the couch with her because I am just so exhausted I need a full nights sleep. Well now she's been even terrified to go to sleep at night, she screams in terror saying shes scared when we put her to bed, she has a night light, we've tried turning the lights on, showing her there's nothing around, eliminating anything she says is "scary". She cries if the lights flicker in the house, shes scared of EVERYTHING! I know this is a phase, but it's 20x worse than Dameon ever did, and I don't know how to handle it. She literally follows me around all day long, if she can't see where I am or I'm walking to the bathroom too fast and she can't catch up to follow me, she will crrrry and cry. I'm at my wits end, I don't know what to do to comfort her about being scared or help with the separation anxiety. It's less than a year before she starts a program 2x a week, 2 hours a week for socialization and learning and I'm scared she's not going to adjust. I can't leave her anywhere but with my mom and DH while I leave for a while, solely because I don't have another babysitter option that I know and trust around here, but she goes to DH and my mom just fine when I leave, so I'm not sure what else to do! Any help?! Please!

D&C to reset periods?

Apr 03, 2015 - 17 comments

I saw my gynecologist yesterday about irregular periods and bleeding. Last month I only had brown spotting for 4-5 days, this month stopped my period and 3 days later, started right back up. I'll work out, and bleed after, have sex, bleed after. I finally had enough. I call my OB and discuss the issue, he says my birth control pills have been ineffective for me AGAIN - we switched pills about 5-6 months ago as well because they were ineffective for my body - and he's trying a new pill. If this pill doesn't regulate me he said we will have to think about a D&C and scrape my uterine lining to reset my periods. I, naturally, do not want this procedure, lol. I've heard some horror stories and would really rather not. Any input? Has anyone went through this procedure to reset their cycles?