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Surrounded by miserable people!

Jan 18, 2015 - 5 comments

I'm so sick of being surrounded by miserable people, it's making ME miserable! DH is so damn irritable and hit or miss, so nice one minute, the next minute barely saying two words to me for a whole day. He says its because he's got stuff on his mind, finishing his Harley project and stuff. Then he's fine and being really nice and then back at it, mood swinging like insane! It drives me nuts! Then my sister in law (DH's sister) will try to talk to me, we'll be talking along and you say one thing to her and shes a miserable b*tch, excuse my language. It's like walking on eggshells all the time to try not to set the damn bombs off or they're just mean. Example, at thanksgiving dinner, we went to my sister in law's house, the whole family was there, but there were only 4 little kids total, Dameon and Chloe, and my sister in law's daughter, and their cousin's daughter, Madison, so Dameon was the only boy. They have a play room off of the living room that the kids were playing in, and it had a tent in it. The two girls were in the tent and Dameon would unzip the tent and pop his head in and scare them. Well after like the first hour, the two girls (Madison and SIL's daughter), started hitting Dameon, every time he'd open the tent they'd take a fake tea cup and crack him on the head with it. I didn't see it the first two times, but he would come out blatting, so I'd go in, make sure they were being nice, and go back to the living room. Well the 3rd time he comes out blatting I'm getting pissed, I go in and catch one of the girls about to hit him with the tea cup. I take him by the hand and walk out to the adults and Dameon is still crying and I say loudly "If they're being mean to you, stay out here bud", my MIL says what are they doing? I said "Hitting him with the tea cups" And my MIL yells at the girls "You BETTER not be hitting him", my SIL chimes in with her snarky tone"Ohh they're just playing, legs are swinging and he just keeps getting in the middle of it, they're perfect angels" and rolls her eyes, (her daughter is known for being mean when she thinks she can get away with it, so she knows her daughter is doing something, but not correcting her at all) at this point I'm ready to flip, so we get ready and leave. But it's this kind of attitude from BOTH of them, the condescending, passive aggressive attitude every single time I talk to either one. I can't be around such miserable people. It's making ME miserable, making me irritable with the kids and I don't know what to do about it! Any suggestions?! :(

Pimple like spots on Dameon

Aug 31, 2014 - 5 comments

Just need a little in put. Dameon had a "pimple" like spot on his forehead and it lasted quite some time, it went away and I didn't think anything of it. Well then he got one on his chin that lasted about two weeks, I noticed that he got another one on his cheek starting to form, so I took him to his ped. He said that he's probably picking at it so it won't heal. Well he stopped picking at the one on his chin, he hasn't touched the one on his cheek at all and it's been there over a week. Now he's got one on his nose and the one on his forehead got irritated (he scratched it), and now there's a pimple there again!!! When they're gone they seem to leave a little dark spot behind, and when irritated it comes right back out. Sounds like some kind of infection to me?!? I don't know if I should make him another appt and make sure it's nothing or what??

Issues lately.

Aug 05, 2014 - 7 comments

Lately have been having some issues, I was going through a normal pack of BC pills, I missed two days in a row and started to bleed like a period just a few weeks after having finished my last. The bleeding stopped, then the next month I missed the first pill of the pack and started bleeding just a few days after ending my period, so I was thinking maybe it was just a breakthrough bleed from missing a pill. I went to the ER thinking maybe I had a bladder infection since I was also having cramps and lower back pain, no infection. So lately I've been randomly getting period like cramps and will randomly spot here and there. So not sure what's going on, I get ahold of my doctor, because I'm also getting really tired, and losing some hair. The last few days or so I'm noticing if I sit down/bend down for too long, I'll stand up and have pressure in my back/butt and a little uterine pain. My doctor was thinking maybe fibroids? Any input on what it could be? I have an u/s that I will be getting within the next couple of weeks, just waiting on an appt.

Help!! Pre-k troubles!

Jun 03, 2014 - 15 comments

So at school (pre-k) Dameon will get a green if he listens in school, yellow if he needed reminders, and red if he was bad in his chart. He will also get a sticker if he was good, sometimes if he needed few reminders he would get a green on his chart with no sticker. MOST times he will get a green with a sticker, occasionally no sticker but green. Well yesterday he gets a yellow home followed by the note "Told another kid 'you're not my friend!', it was unprovoked and upset the other child" - COMPLETELY out of character for Dameon. So I asked him what was going on, he tells me "he teaches me to be bad at school". He tells me he plays knock knock jokes on him during class when he should be listening and then Dameon gets in trouble too, for talking during class. NOT an excuse and I made him apologize to the child. Today comes home with ANOTHER yellow and the note "Unfortunately needed a few reminders, particularly at playtime - was bossy and excluded others". I have NO idea where this is coming from!!! I know he has been playing with a "trouble" child at school, this kid is constantly in trouble and he's alllll Dameon talks about. This is still no excuse, I'm so frustrated because I have NO idea where this is coming from. He is never mean or excludes other children, this is completely out of the blue. Today he woke up really early for him and I know he was grumpy going to school. I don't know if it's the end of the school year wearing him down or what. He has two birthday parties this weekend and if he doesn't get a sticker and green the rest of the week, he doesn't go to either. What else do I do? I've never had this trouble before! I asked him what's going on, why he's being bossy and leaving kids out and he says "I don't know." What would you ladies do? I'm lost here! :(