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Stressors lately

Mar 28, 2014 - 4 comments

So we've had a few stressful situations within the last week. One of my friends son, also my sons best friend, had his tonsils out at 3, ever since then he keeps getting reoccurent abscesses in his throat, he's had 6 surgeries to have it drained and it keeps coming back. He is now being tested for lymphoma, and we are all extremely worried. Praying this sweet litte 5 year old doesn't have to face that.

Then, my mom has been dating a guy for a few years, about 3 I believe. Well, to put it blunt, he's an ***. A crazy ***, my mom has a habit of settling and that's exactly what she's doing in this case. She's only been in two serious relationships, ever. My dad for 25 years, now her boyfriend of 3. He treats her like crap, is rude, she's always wondering if she should leave him, he sleeps on the couch and her in bed, despite how much this bothers her, he won't try to change it. She was telling me last week she had to talk with him about he always talks about killing and shooting people - he's crazy. His daughters are crazy and soooo selfish its unreal, both over 23 with kids and boyfriends and he pays EVERYTHING for them. Everything, house, bills, cars, groceries, etc, and doesn't help my mom out at all with money although he moved in to her house. Well he's always said he would never get married, ever, not an option, but being boyh over 50 it wasn't abig deal. My mom called me at 9 pm Tuesday and told me they were getting married this summer, and I was like what?! I just said congratulations and I will support you if you're truly happy. So the next day I asked her what brought about the change of heart in him and she said well I haven't been feeling good so he was worried and asked me to marry him. RED FLAG!! I said what do you mean you haven't felt good? You've said nothing to me. She said I didn't want to worry you, but I've been throwing up all week, my doctor put me on bacterial meds and I got some blood tests, my sugar is high (she's diabetic), cholesterol is high, I have to get a colonoscopy and a ct scan of my stomach. So I'm like are you kidding me - and this is just coming out!!? My concern is that he's marrying her because he wants the house and her retirement, but she's too naive to see the red flags. My sisters are also very concerned, how to bring this up without making her feel cornered, I don't know. But this would be for all the wrong reasons and it worries me. My sisters and I are going to try talking with her this weekend, hopefully it goes well.

Advice please

Mar 07, 2014 - 15 comments

Everyday my son has pre-k in the afternoon. All the parents wait in the lobby from 11:30-11:40 when the kids walk themselves to the classroom. Well the last two weeks or so it's been really cold, about 15-30 degrees. I would say probably 3-4 times a week there is a woman that drops off a little girl she babysits, and she always brings her little son with her. She said once that he was 2, I believe. Well she is CONSTANTLY bringing this child in with no shoes and no socks, barefoot, unzipped coat, no hat, and he's always coughing. The other parents and I just kind of look at each other like are you kidding me?! You are bundled up, why are you not doing the same for your small child?!! Well two days ago he came in without her son dropping off the little boy, and walking out she said "I accidentally shut my sons finger in the door, it's pretty bad, I'm sure it's broken." And I walk by her car, and the little boy was in the car, alone for those ten minutes with no socks and shoes, car off, and screaming terribly, and his finger all bloody, I assume crying from pain since she thinks his finger is broke. I was in complete shock!!! I immediately think of Chloe and Dameon and how unimaginable it would be for me to act that way with my kids!! I was so irritated and upset by it I called my sister and she said I would call and do something about it, who knows if she's getting this child treatment, since she had no problem making him wait in the car while she was inside for ten minutes - if it were me, I would be immediately at the ER. So I go home and call the local ER, the only one around for an hour or so and tell them what happened and I would rather remain anonymous and just to be on the look out that she's obviously at least neglecting to take proper care of him, and she said okay no reports of it. And I did the same with the only local ped. and no reports of him coming - I know she didn't go out of town for treatment for him, because we had to pick the kids up less than 2 hours later from pre-k and she was there picking up the little girl. So I called and made an anonymous report to CPS.. and the caseworker I talked to said it's definitely neglect at the least. Well today she comes in and says "I would like to know who called CPS on me for my son" - I obviously wasn't about to say "ME!!" Because I wanted to avoid drama, I just felt so bad for the poor kid!!! I'm afraid she's going to be confrontational with me now because I was the one she said he had a broken finger to, so I think she assumes it was me. What would you ladies do? Avoid the confrontation? I probably could have not stuck my nose in, but at least the kid was wearing socks and shoes today!!! So mission accomplished. I wouldn't have been able to sleep that night had I not said anything!


Mar 05, 2014 - 13 comments

Okay need to vent for a minute. My sister and I have always had a rocky relationship, from her kid bullying mine to her just being fake as crap! To everyone, not just me. She is nice to a persons face, then a conniving b*tch (excuse my language!!!) to others. We were talking via text and she is trying to lose weight also. So she sent me some healthy recipes, workouts, etc. We were just going to keep up on each others progress. Well anyyyytime I text her and tell her anything good (I've lost weight, etc), she rebounds with a bitchy comment! I'm OVER sick of it, so I stopped texting her about it. Well she texts me this morning because she knows I've been sick the last few days and asked how I was feeling. I said I called and talked to my dr about my symptoms and he said a sudden onset of headaches, dizziness, nausea, etc. isn't good and to stay off birth control for a month, wait til I start my period next and then we'll try a different one. So I told her this (she's on the same pill) and she said "How is it not working? It's only been like a week, lol" (she NEVER says lol, so she was being an ******* with this comment), and I said well I had a sudden onset of these symptoms and that's not normal, and she said "he's an idiot, it takes a while to get in your system, I had headaches at first too" - well she's ALWAYS had headaches, I never do, that's the difference. I'm not feeling right, that's that - I was just telling you what my doctor said. She HATES my OB because when she was pregnant, he was the one that diagnosed her baby with spina bifida and transferred her to a specialist, like ANY OB would do.. it's NOTHING he did wrong, it wasn't his fault the baby didn't form correctly, and she hates him now. I'm just SO sick of the snarky comments, the conniving backstabbing, bitchy attitudes she goes through. I ignore her and she starts a big friggen drama fest about me not talking to her!!! Like example, my DH wouldn't use his ONLY day off from work to go pick up a couch set for her 3 hours away, so she gets on facebook saying "Wish I had family that actually helped, Selfish", etc. Or I don't babysit for her (which I have refused to do since her daughter started bullying my kids) she gets all pissy. Ugh, just constant high school drama, I hate my in laws!!! :( What would you ladies do? Ignore her or what?!!

Low blood sugar or BC pill?

Mar 05, 2014 - 6 comments

I went for my organ function screening with my dr last week, all was great except my sugar was a little low but wasn't low enough for her to be worried. Well two days later (Sunday) I started my new birth control pill. I was on the mini pill from breastfeeding, but since she's weaned I've switched to a regular birth control pill. Since I've switched I'm getting extreme nausea after I take it, light headed, dizzy, shakey, headaches, etc. TERRIBLE! I just feel like crap!! I'm also on my period. So I don't know if it's a combination of these things but I don't know if it's my low blood sugar or the new birth control!! Last night I was feeling sick and light headed, so I took a drink of soda, since that's the most popular, quick fix I found online for low sugar, no help at all. I didn't start getting any of these symptoms until after I started the pill, so I don't know what to do! Any input? I've contacted my dr and am waiting for a response on if she thinks it's the low blood sugar or if it's the new BC pill.