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Input on Chloe walking/standing alone.

Mar 02, 2014 - 14 comments

I'm worried about Chloe's milestones, walking and standing alone. We have been working with her (definitely could do it more in a day though, I'm sure!) to get her to walk, we were walking her with both hands, then she slowly got used to one hand, which is a huge deal for her because she's SO scared, and now one finger. She's walking alone, pretty much, really steady steps, but she wants my finger there for balance. She will walk behind her walking toy independently. I'm worried because she will be 14 months on the 14th, and still not standing independently, she gets around, quick, she walks along things, lets go with one hand, on a few occasions I've tricked her in to standing alone, and she does it for a few seconds with her hands out then drops, as soon as I let go she wants to sit. I know she could do it if she tried. Today we were walking back and forth along the room and I tricked her and let go of one finger and she took one step with one foot on her own then she put her hands right on the ground. She's SO nervous to stand alone/balance. And I know each child goes at their own pace. I'm not so much worried about walking, because she's getting it slowly more and more each day. I'm more worried that she's about to be 14 months in 12 days and still not standing alone. What should I do?!

How to deal with mean niece.

Feb 24, 2014 - 21 comments

So I absolutely love my little niece, my SIL's daughter, but omg she's a hellion!!! She comes over, trashes Dameon's room, they don't make her help Dameon clean up, and I'm not making him clean a mess he didn't make, so I end up cleaning, literally every single toy from his toy box, organizer and bookshelf. Not to mention she is just MEAN to Dameon, she hits him constantly with toys, she's almost 3... she knows better!! Or she should! Like one example, the kids were running around playing, Dameon accidentally tripped my niece, he immediately helped her up and said sorry, well a few minutes later, my niece runs up and jams a barbie's legs into Dameon's back, hard... he immediately looked like it hurt, and I said no no Livy, not nice. And her Dad says that's pay back for tripping her earlier, and laughs!!! It's so irritating.. I hate disciplining other people's children, but it's gotten to the point were Dameon doesn't even want to play with her anymore. Not to mention she HATES Chloe.. she tries to close Chloe out of Dameon's room by shutting the door, takes toys from her, cries if she has a toy at ALL because she's afraid she's going to break it or drool on it. I'm not going to sit back and let my children be bullied, that's for sure - and my SIL takes everything extremely personal, but I've had enough, what would you do if you were in my position?

update on chloe, need more advice

Jan 28, 2014 - 16 comments

So Chloes vagina isn't red anymore, but she was still super cranky yesterday so I took her back to the dr, she said she doesn't see evidence of a bladder infection, and Chloe has an ear inffection, she's on amoxicillin for ten days. Today I'm changing chloes diaper and open her vaginal area to put on her premarin, and inside the labia minora, like inside the pee hole, is purple, light purple, and it almost looks puffier. I don't know if this is just me being a paranoid freak, or what, but is that normal!? I'm worried! She told me if she isn't acting better by tomorrow, bring her back in, so I will do that if she doesn't perk up. For her age, to test for a uti it would be an abdominal needle to draw out urine, and I simply do NOT want to do that. She told me the amoxicillin would also take care of a uti. Do you ladies think I'm just being a paranoid freak? Should I drop this worry?!

input on chloe please

Jan 25, 2014 - 17 comments

I need input ladies, the past few days Chloe has been so cranky, she's teething so I assumed it was just that. Well Thursday night she got a low fever, runny nose, cough, etc, and started pulling at her ears so I took her to her dr. She checked everything, said it was probably viral. Well since she was an infant she's had labial adhesions,  (her lady bits cover her pee hole if I don't use an estrogen cream, its common in baby girls because of diapers), at her last check up it looked wide open, so she told me it was ok to stop the cream. So i had her check it since it looked like it was closing up again, so I started the estrogen cream again. She said to start the cream again, that was good, and I said I'm worried because inside, her labias look red and shes screaming when i wipe her, she said it was fine, probably just a side effect of the cream to iritate it. Well last night it was bright red, and she's used this cream for months without a problem. I'm worried she has a vaginal infection of some sort, and am now worried the fever was from that. She doesn't seem to have a fever today, and I used some nystatin, a cream for yeast infections, on her last night and it seems to be less red. So my question is, anyone have a young daughter with a vaginal infections? Should I take her to the er still, just incase! I'm worried its a yeast, uti, maybe bacterial? I change her sooo often I don't know what's causing the irritation, and its just inside her labias, not like a diaper rash. No change in diapers or wipes either, help! :(