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Lowered Amlodopine

Aug 07, 2020 - 1 comments

You are not supposed the cut tablets but needs must. I use doggy nail clippers to cut the pills very precisely. This way I can gradually reduce my 10mg dose. Is started reducing the tablet size around 25/07/20. I am now, 07/08/20, down to just over 5mg. disappointing

Jun 19, 2020 - 0 comments

I have been losing weight steadily for 8 weeks or so and I was very pleased with the progress. I have just change the batteries in the bathroom scales and I instantly gained 6 pounds.

Now I don't know whether I was 6 lbs heavier to begin with and the scales were wrong all along or whether my starting weight was correct but I haven't been losing as much as I thought. Either way it's added another month to my target-date to reach the cusp of normal and overweight.



May 22, 2020 - 0 comments

Forgot to take my 10mg of Amlodopine last night.

I do want to try and cut down on Amlodopine as my blood pressure is dropping. I need to think about how to do that. Last time I tried I would have low blood pressure most of the time and then sudden very high spikes. I don't want to go through that again.

I want to do it very gradually, by whichever method.

Have taken my tablet 12 hours late. So this would maybe be one way..extending the time time between doses.
The other would be take half a tab every 6 days, then every 5 days etc, and carry on until I'm down to no tabs.


May 03, 2020 - 2 comments

So Covid-19 affects you worse if you are over 60, have high BP, and your obese. Whoops!
This nugget of info has concentrated my mind wonderfully and my first priority is to cease being obese. At the same time I will hopefully bring my BP down a little and also my cholesterol which I'm told is very high.. I am on my 13th day of what started out as the PORTFOLIO diet. It has morphed slightly and become more severe since listening to Caldwell Esselstyn on YouTube. He looks the healthiest of the healthy-diet preachers.