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Mar 11, 2009 - 27 comments

I have been having a terrible cold for a few days...But today i started running fever, and having coughing spells where i can hardly catch my breath....I went into a walk in clinic, because my doctor is out today, and booked for the rest of the week...the doctor said i have broncitis, that i need to watch, so it doesn't turn into pneumonia s/p?  He gave me prednisone, antibiotics, and some kind of pump for me to inhale, and a Darn presription for Tussinex...WELL , I have no idea why i didn't tell him I am a fricken Addict... I filled everything but the cough syrup...I know i cannot fill it..And my hubby is at work for another week, so he can't hold it...
Does anyone know of a safe cough syrup to take OTC??  I literally feel like ****.....AND today I HATE BEING AN ADDICT!  
if anyone reads, thanks a bunch


Jan 07, 2009 - 6 comments

WOW, first i realize i have been here a long time and never wrote in the journal..I wish i would have started a long time ago...Well , just thought i would ask for some advice, opinons...I have been going through some pretty rough family, personal issues...I have craved more in the last 2 weeks then ever...I see my counsouler, which is great...But i am not sure if i am getting everything i need right now , to not relapse...I have tried AA, and not that i didnt' like it, just never found my place..Thought of maybe trying again...I have looked for NA here, and there isn't much...This forum and wonderfull friends here help me so much...I just feel i need more lately, and i have no clue what?  Is there anyone else that feels this way ?  I have had paws , and this doesn't feel like it...Hard to explain...I guess i am just afraid...It is definelty a reality check, that i can't let my guard down...anyway i am just venting, or maybe even seeing if anyone can help me?  for anyone who reads this , thanks sooo much!!