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Thyroid exams

Apr 13, 2012 - 0 comments

thyroid labs

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
Lipid Panel
TSH, Free T4, Free T3, T3RU, RT3
Morning Cortisol

Iron Total (not Free Iron)
Vitamin B-12 Level
Vitamin D Level (25)

Anti TPO
Anti TP

Thyroid Disorder Tracker

Doctor visit plus Vit D3

Apr 09, 2012 - 0 comments

doctor visit



Went to my thyroid Dr., thought he would up my Armour (yes, I am stressed about losing my insurance next month and want to reach optimal dose ASAP) but he said we can't do that (yet?). He gave me a lab prescription list with all main thyroid labs including Rt3 and cortisol... It's great not to have to beg for the right exams (as with my conservative GP).

He was sure he gave me Vit D3 on the first visit, but he certainly didn't. He recommended 5000 IU at night as apparently it helps with the sleeping as well. I started it at night, Monday, April 9. Been having trouble sleeping and with early awakening lately... Really bad.

Afternoon = breakup / relationship issues... After long weekend thinking a lot.

At night = cute MD who I thought was not into me IM-ed me... :) Is there hope to love again? I hope so although I'm discouraged :(

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Feeling better overall

Apr 03, 2012 - 0 comments

feeling better

Although life is quite stressful these days, I feel less depressed... must be the Armour.

Certainly the lack of brain fog is the main thing that improved last week. I feel such a clarity of mind I haven't felt in QUITE a while. Felt like I was dumb or so... cause my mind was so slow and clouded... ugh!

All these years kind of faking at work that I was a perfectly functioning human being, that my brain was not melting... UGH! all because doctors are taught in a way that doesn't help them diagnose Thyroid issues and treat it properly. UGHHH! This makes me so angry I can't start to describe.

Another clear fact is that I am NOT dizzy anymore when standing up from lying for a while. WOW. I was getting dizzy for a year now... so much that I had to sit right after as not to fall. sometimes I would have to sit as not to collapse, and my legs and arms started shaking... it was so scary! All this is gone! I am not sure if it's the (Armour) thyroid medication that improved it, or if it's the Adren-All or Nystatin. I have an impression it's the Adren-All supplement. The nystatin seems to have improved my carb craving A LOT. I am no longer dying and nervous if I don't have carb, and when I want to eat it, it's a normal sensation and doesn't seem like I NEED some drug lol.

Only thing that doesn't seem perfect yet is the fatigue and energy level... not quite there yet. I have a little more energy but I don't feel I am 100%. I am seeing the doctor again in a week, and I am secretly hoping he will up my initial dose, and consequently this will improve as well.

I am not there yet, but I do feel I am slowly getting my life back and I am getting control of it.

Here's to a much brighter (and less foggy-brained) future.

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Armour confusion

Apr 01, 2012 - 0 comments

Ugh I knew this would happen... Not sure I took Second armour pill at lunch time. I wish there was a way to track it here, per separate grain.

Decided to take one at 3 pm after counting remaining pills. Hope it's okay. I might write journals w dosages everyday not to lose track. 7-day pill box is not enough to be sure, argh.

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