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There is hope!

Mar 02, 2008 - 2 comments




After months of trying to forget about TTC and to feel normal again, we decided to try again (cycle #2).  On CD3 I found out I had only 3 follicles in each side and a very high FSH of 27.9!  My doctor was very pessimistic about trying again so I looked at trying another RE to help.  Turns out my insurance company wouldn't help us at all if we went to another RE b/c of policies... blah blah, blah, so we decided to stick it out with the same reputable guy with little confidence in me.  This time I started acupuncture 2X/ week and took fertility blend in addition to the prenantals.

Turns out I have 10 follies on the left and 10 more on the right!  Amazing!  So, the moral is; get a good acupuncturist!  My RE was amazed!  Now there is great hope!

I just finished my testosterone patches and Estrace.  Today I started stims (Menupur and Follostim).  I am hopeful again!

My Story

Jan 13, 2008 - 3 comments

I am 36 years young and my DH is 31.  We have been ttc for a year and a half.  I have 2 small fibroids but according to my RE they are not in the way.  

We started with IUI (2 failed) and I felt frustrated.  So we decided to step it up to IVF with ICSI.  We had the transfer July 29th (2 embryos; 1 of average quality and 1 below avg. and DH's sperm WBC (white blood cell) was a bit high).  I stayed on bedrest for 3 days. I had a hard time staying positive.  I had been so good with healthy diet despite my urges to want chocolate, coffee and wine!  No luck.  August 14th we got the Beta which was obviously a BFN.  

I was over the whole TTC thing and wanted to take a break from TTC.  We took a break until now.  We are going to try again using assisted hatching.  My DH is also going to be tested for DNA fragmentation.  If that looks good and his wbc count is down we have a better chance.  I will start BCP first week of Feb. and hope for my retrieval to be on or around March 13th with a transfer 3/ 18.

I hope this is our year, Ladies!