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Salivary gland disorder confirmed

Nov 05, 2014 - 65 comments

salivary gland


Salivary gland disorders



After two years of tongue problems I was finally was diagnosed two weeks ago with a salivary gland disorder through a gammagraphy (a CT scan). My salivary glands are not working properly and this is what explain why my tongue is always dry or with thick/sticky saliva (xerostomia).

Now this Friday I am having a lip biopsy to rule out Sjogren Syndrome (SS).

From what I have found, it seems I was infected with a virus (probably retrovirus) through oral sex (the cervical swollen lymph node about 10 days to 2 weeks after exposure is clearly indication of that). This virus then triggered an inmmune reaction and this inmmune reaction triggered SS (or something like) which in return is causing the salivary gland disorder. It makes perfect sense.

There's literature supporting the thesis that retroviruses might cause SS or SS like symptoms:

Long standing dry mouth

Apr 19, 2014 - 122 comments

dry mouth


long standing



As you know I am suffering this for almost 2 years now. This appeared out of the blue in June 2012 (I say out of the blue because I don't take drugs, don't smoke, don't have diabetes, didn't have chemotherapy, and didn't take medicines for long periods of time -besides 1 week of cyprofloxacin in March 2012).

I had a sexual exposure in February 2012 with bizarre symptoms exactly 2 weeks later that lead me to think on HIV (a cervical swollen lymph node, neck stiffness and then an urinary track infection), but I tested negative several times. In any case, I think the problems on my tongue are related to that encounter. Girl I was with refused to test for anything.

Last week I went to a dermatologist who ordered a series of tests including HIV (despite being tested negative several times with both Elisa and PCR), syphilis and other tests.

I found an interesting article on xerostomia that might be interesting to read:

For information, I am in my mid 30's, heterosexual and I was healthy as a horse until February 2012. I have a stable partner and we use condoms. We want to have babies, but I won't dispose of condoms until I find what's goin on with me.

As usual, I will keep updating my journal until I find what's causing this.

Endocrinologist results: bad liver functions

Jan 16, 2014 - 15 comments






So today I went to get my results from Endocrinologist and everything was normal except my liver functions that are really bad:

In the link below I have published my liver function results from 2010. My risk was in Feb 2012.

is there any connection my liver functions and white tongue? Maybe

what is causing it? it's a virus? I am going for further testing next week.

Should I still be concerned about HIV?

Nov 20, 2013 - 41 comments





white coated tongue

Despite my normal CD4 and CD8 counts and several negative Elisa, I am still concerned about HIV.

Reason of my concern are the VERY bizarre tongue problems I have for almost 17 months now. I am not only talking about the white coated tongue (which covers ALL the surface of the tongue). I am also talking about the irritated tastebuds and tongue soreness I have. Not to mention the foamy saliva ans swollen tongue.

I NEVER had any health concern before in my life before this incident. The amount of doctors I have visited in the last 2 years is larger than those I have seen during all my life. And so far, none of them is able to help with my problems.

I have spoke to two HIV specialists (from different countries), both are the head of their respective NRCs (NRC = National Reference Centrum for HIV). This is what they told me based on my symptoms and testing history:

Specialist 1:

Dear Mr XXXX

from what you tell me it seems unlikely that you have received an HIV -infection at this past event.

HIV-antibody -tests become usually positive up to 6 weeks after infection and remain positive thereafter. To confirm the data finally you can ev let make an  HIV-PCR assay, direct virus detection, highly sensitive. If also this is negative (what is likely) I would exclude that you had been infected with HIV in this past event described.
Considering the tongue problems, you could eventually contact the dermatology in the XXX.

Specialist 2:


I am not sure whether RT-PCR  solve our problem. In the case you do not have HIV-antibodies  1.5 year after the sexual contact it is really a very little chance that you were infected by HIV. It could happen Just in the case you suffer from an other very deep immunodeficiency... Additionally the clinical symptoms you have appear mostly in the stage of AIDS and not at the beginning of HIV infection.

So I would like to propose you to visit  the infectology clinic and show there the  doctor  all your laboratory results and papers. In the case doctor will give you a written recommendation that HIV RT-PCR is an indicaded test for you  we will do it. I wish you good luck, nice regards,

What do you guys think?