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Inmunological pannel done

Sep 26, 2013 - 11 comments




Today I went to the clinic and they took 5 tubes of blood to do several tests (among them the CD3+CD4+CD8 counts). I have an appointment with the immunologist in two weeks to know the results and take some action. Hopefully my CD4/CD8 ratio will be higher than 1 and my CD4 will be in the normal range, in case not, I will probably have to do an HIV PCR RNA test.

For those reading my case, I received unprotected oral sex from a girl from unknown status in February 2012 and have very bizarre tongue problems since June 2012 (see my photos to know what I am talking about). I have done several HIV tests (but only 4th Generation tests) the last one just few weeks ago (six tests in 18 months post exposure)

All the tests have been done in three different labs. However, I have health problems since that incident. Before, I was a healthy person and rarely went to the doctor.

Will keep you updated with the results.

Another HIV test

Aug 30, 2013 - 18 comments



white tongue

So today I went to get an appointment with the inmunologist. Unfortunately, Dr. is on vacations so I will have to wait a bid. So I also went with another Dr. (an infectologist - the second one I see during this week). But unlike the one I saw on Monday, this one was more interested in the case and seemed knowledgeble.

So he looked at my tongue, and didn't have an answer about what can be causing this, although he agreed with the first infectologist that this might be an inmuno or gastro problem. So he asked me when I did my last HIV test and I said October last year, so he said, "OK, let's make another one". I told him there was no risk in between and showed the 5 HIV tests done so far, but he said something like "just in case". He also took another oral swab of the tongue.

I will keep you updated on my results and on my visit to the inmunologist.

I also have an endoscopy scheduled for 5th September. Will keep you updated on the results..

oral patologist found something on my tongue

Apr 14, 2013 - 15 comments








hi everyone,

i didnt post here for some time now.

i finally found an oral patologist. she told me we could do again an oral swab or we can go directly to the biopsy. it has been about 10 months now of these strange irritated tastebuds and sore tongue in that part, that's not normal. not to mention the white layer on the tongue.

so last week i went to see her, and ask her to do the biopsy on the area with the irritated tastebuds, but she was more concerned with something under my tongue. she told me "I don't like this". then she asked me if I wanted her to take a biopsy from that too. i told her, yes, let's do altogether.

my results will come out this tuesday. I'll keep you guys updated.

24/01/2013 Visit to the ENT doctor: Swollen tongue

Jan 24, 2013 - 1 comments

I went today to an ENT doctor. He looked at my tongue and diagnosed with swollen tongue. He says the reason of my irritated papillae is my swollen tongue. Because my tongue is big, it causes friction between my teeth and tip of tongue causing the irritation. At least, that's his diagnosis.

He gave a Vitamin B shot today and suggested me to take both probiotics and Vitamin B for the next 3 months. I am going to follow his advice, but I am not sure if lack of vitamins is the reason of these tongue problems.

I will continue updating.