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20/01/2013 CBC count and liver functions

Jan 10, 2013 - 1 comments




I did a CBC and liver functions test:

Good things

My WBC increased and also my lymphocites count

Bad things

Some liver functions are elevated (probably due the pills I was taken for HPV-16)

Below my blood results:

WBC            5.32    10x9/l   4.0-10.0
RBC            4.70    10x12/l  4.30-5.70
HGB            143.00  g/l       135-175
HCT            0.43             0.40-0.50
MCV            92.30   fl          82-98
MCH            30.40   pg       28.0-34.0
MCHC           329.00  g/l       320-360
PLT            237.00  10x9/l    150-400
NEUabs         2.43    10x9/l    2.0-7.0
LYMabs         2.33    10x9/l    0.8-4.0
MONOabs        0.21    10x9/l   0.08-1.00
EOZabs         0.33    10x9/l    0.0-0.5
BASOabs        0.02    10x9/l    0.0-0.1
NEU            45.74 - %           47-70
LYM            43.84   %           20-45
MONO           3.94    %            2-10
EOZ            6.24  + %             0-5
BASO           0.44    %             0-1
RDW            12.60   %        10.0-15.2
PDW            10.90 - fl       12.0-18.0
MPV            9.70    fl       7.8-11.0

Tested positive for HPV-16

Nov 20, 2012 - 7 comments

hpv 16








inflamed taste buds

For those following my case, I just want to inform you that my test came back positive for HPV-16.

A few weeks ago, they took a sample from my tongue (oral swab) from the area where the irritated taste buds are (see picture below). The test came back positive.

It looks like then this was the cause of my tongue issues?!

Tomorrow I have an apointment with the dermatologist as I will start a treatment against this. I will update you if this clears up.

Update 9 months post incident: Still white tongue and irritated taste buds/pimples in tongue

Nov 10, 2012 - 5 comments

white tongue


taste buds



For those following my case:

-- CMIA HIV 1/2 + Ag p24: Negative (nearly 9 months post incident). This is the first HIV test I take in a different laboratory. All previous test were taken in the same place.

-- Haemophilus influenzae still positive on tongue. Dermatologist think this is not the cause of my white tongue and irritated taste buds and has suggested me to go with an inmunologist and also take a tongue biopsy to see what's wrong.

Waiting for HPV results. They took an oral swab of my tongue to see if HPV is the cause of the pimples/irritated taste buds there.

Some pictures of my tongue:

Tongue left side: notice the pimple/irritated taste buds

Tongue front: notice the irritated taste buds

Will keep you everyone updated on my case.

Unexplained tongue problems after a "low risk exposure"

Sep 22, 2012 - 13 comments




Risk situation: Night of February 9th, 2012 (unprotected insertive oral sex, protected intercourse)

Tests done so far (weeks/months after exposure):

5 weeks: HIV-1, HIV-1 O, HIV-2 Vironostika Uniform Ag/Ab -- Negative
9 weeks: HIV-1, HIV-1 O, HIV-2 Vironostika Uniform Ag/Ab -- Negative
3 months: Syphilis, Gonhorrea, Chlamydia, NGU -- Negative
4 months 1 week: HIV-1, HIV-1 O, HIV-2 Vironostika Uniform Ag/Ab -- Negative
4 months 1 week: Oral swab for Candida Albicans - Positive -- Diagnosed with "Candida Albicans Complex"
4 months 2 week: Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C -- Negative
4 months 2 week: Hepatitis A, CMV, Herpes 1/2 (don't know which one) -- Positive
6 months 3 week: Dianosed with Gardia Intestinalis

Persistent symptoms 4 months post exposure (symptoms started in mid June 2012, persist until now, almost October 2012)

- White tongue
- Teeth marks in the tongue's borders
- Hyper salivation
- Irritated taste buds tip tongue

Will keep updated with my case.

Thanks for reading.