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Intro to me..

Jun 13, 2018 - 0 comments

Hello everyone, I am brand new. Please dont think that I am crazy from the get-go. My main goal is to figure out what is causing everything. Its often hard to explain things because I have a hard time coming up with words. And yes, I've struggled with anxiety but I honestly dont feel that this is anxiety. Ive had episodes of spasticity three times before in the past two years, one with LOC while in OR prep that is documented in my medical record, and I am in pain all the time. But not knowing where it is coming from and seeing that the tests so far ( MRI without contrast, EEG and EMG) have been normal only adds to my anxiety. My ultimate goal is to figure out what this is, and what makes it happen. I dont want medications, I only want to know why and how it is happening so that I can know better how to make sure it doesnt happen while I am driving or while I have the children in my care (mainly while I am alone with them). If there is some water therapy or something that I could do to make it easier or to make the pain and Full Body spasticity not happen, I just want to know what it is and what I can do. I have been keeping a log of signs and symptoms and the pains in my body, sharp pain shooting/stabbing through my legs and arms, even flank pain and pain that feels like my ribs are in a vice grip, like someone has their arms wrapped around me squeezing tightly. I have been experiencing as well alot of times that my skin hurts, all over my back, neck and chest. Pain that is odd to describe but it feels like razor blades across my skin when someone touches me, or even when my clothes touch my skin. This happens to me alot. I have a hard time being touched because it hurts so much. I am just starting to notice a pattern between all of these "symptoms" or whatever they are, and it makes me wonder if it may be spinal cord related? I just dont understand how I can be having these things, the pain and everything, with normal tests that show nothing. The episodes of spasticity all over my body, (which scares me
the most). The headaches that feel like someone has hit me in the head with a baseball bat. The sharp pain that takes my legs out from under me. The tremors and numbness in my face and hands and feet. The hypersensative nerves and the constant skin pain..sorry for the long intro but you all have any idea of whats going on?