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Apr 09, 2012 - 0 comments

My family


with my family


Family Therapy

hi im 12 year old boy and i feel like im depressed i know there a lot and i mean a lot more cases worse then mine but please take your time to read this one like i said im 12 my real dad got arested a bunch before leavin me at 2 he left me and my hippe mom to strugle and when he was there hes alcholic after that when he left me i never saw him again because he moved to england and got aressted there i feel like i hate his guts but theres somthin in me that says its not true i used to be so reck less until i started listin to eminem... now im sorda better but still then after my mom came to her senses we left the gheto then at the age of 5 i meet my step dad who right when my mom meet him he got in a car accedent and had major hip surjery so there goes my sports life huh i mean think the guy who was supoosed to teach me sports as smal child left me and the dad i do get is unable to run and we had no money to be on our feet mostly because someone robed us completly i mean evrything at the age of 3 my real dad would somtimes as a 1 year old feed me while drunk feeding me beer o and what a cowincidence my step dad is alcholic many times weve dropped him off at his parents in the middle of the night because hes a angry drunk and if it were just me getting afraid not as bad right but my baby sister is 2 and her seenig this yong is probley not good either my step dad also ignors me all the time and is very mean to me no beating but lord does he threat the other dayi forgot to take out the trash and he said come on betsy lets beat his *** excuse me but thats what he said she was born when we lived in the trailer shortly we moved to a actual house not apt or anything but there was a price i was beat up in school evry day and notified the teacher and bus driver later that day i came home crying then i found out the same bully was my best friends cousin so that was not the end of the beetings then i because of that i went to another school ilegully and had no problems there ecsept about a month ago i went to truency court and got kicked out of the whole school system now i have to got to school around where i live and here we are please respond this is probley hard to make sence of because im terrible in grammer