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Dinner Splurge

Sep 25, 2012 - 0 comments

So I splurged a little on dinner, well maybe alot.

But the fruit is so good and sweet. Honey dew, strawberries, grapes, and pineapple. such an MmMm combination.

I was super full though after dinner. I did eat a bit too much, cause I was feeling quite full. Not miserable, but definitely like I couldnt really fit anymore food in my stomach. It was tempting to make myself vomit. i mean the thought crossed my mind, but i didnt do it.
I trying to not be just crazy. All the stuff I ate was good for me, and full of the nutrients I need.

I have not been feeling as cold either. I still feel tired, and think my arthritis a little off lately but it still is not as bad as it was several months ago.

I starting some vitamin c to bolster my immune system because so many people around me getting sick. I think it's because of the flu shot they all got. Not me though, I was smart.
I'm never gonna take that vaccince again.

I'm taking a break from peanuts too. Going back to the raw almonds. The peanuts just taste funny to me for some reason. I was craving cashews, but cant bring myself to buy them because they too high in carbs and very expensive. Macadamia nuts are even more ridiculously expensive.

Okay i signing off. I trying to be positive even though eating more calories is definitely putting a crimp in my weight loss plan.

I dont know. i just taking a little break. I mean not totalky reversing back the old way of eating, but trying to eat for enjoyment some once again. Eating is a feel good thing I like to do, and I miss enjoying it. Especially eating out and watching my husband enjoy his food at various restaurants. I like to see people take pleasure in eating.
I like to experience that pleasure too.

Anyway there is a balance. i just have to find that balance.

Peace out :)

new dietary approach

Sep 24, 2012 - 0 comments

okay so this weekend, I had a wonderful time. I did not stress so much about my diet and trying to have some checks and balances.
So on Saturday, I ate every meal good, except I did not have dinner and went out with my husband to pappasitos. We drank margaritas which was absoulutely delicious, and I had some table side guacamole, and salsa with my flaxseed and soy chips. Once I ran out of the chips I brought, I did sneak a very few of the regular chips. I treid to be good. It was a very lovely evening, and well I dont have to tell you what came after that. Let's just say dessert was awesome and I burned calories with it.

I had been talking to Chris beforehand and think that all my coldness and sluggishness has been the result of not eating quite enough calories (less than 1000 most day). yeah I have been running out of gas eating so little, and exercising - burning the candle at both ends, and that is just counterproductive. I am trying to think where I can add the extra calrories in, but it seems a little difficult.

I mean when I eat a salad, I get full but it doesnt have much calories to it.
I guess I could put some cheese and or eggs on it to help bolster the nutritional value, but I had cut that stuff out before because I felt like it was adding too much calories, but not adding much in flavor. Anyway, I will make a concerted effort to get at least 1000-1200 calories per day. I  like the food I eat and it all taste good. I dont eat the food I cook for the family really except the veggies, and or beans. I will try to convince chris to buy more fish, because I will eat that and that adds good amount of calories to my diet, and ground turkey is good.
I feel good about eating those meats because they are more heart healthy.

I have been adding flaxseed to my stuff and that helps add some calories.

Oh yeah yesterday, I had all good food except after church we went to a mexican restaurant and I had 2 tortillas and about 6-7 tortilla chips with salsa. I ate the heuvos a la mexicana with refried beans and salsa ranchero. MmMmmm. Whew that was good. I did not eat dinner, but had a late snack of a few peanuts and some pineapple. I think I did good overall with that meal.

Dr Horsfield ask me how much I have lost and I stated proudly 77 lbs and he mentioned if I had snuck off and had weight loss surgery, and I told him of course not. I cut back on bad carbs and try to focus on eating more natural and healthy foods. He called me skinny, which I hardly am, but I guess compared to where I was, this is a huge change for my body. Nobody has seen me this small in a very long time. Since college actually. I am want to lose more though, 60lbs more in fact. I expect this will come off slower, but I am trying madly to get under 200 by Christmas. That is my Christmas wish.

I saw my very very good friends George and Erin yesterday and they look great. Erin is so petite - she is quite a bit smaller too, and said she wanted to be more healthy and fit and exercises regular since her Father passed away almost a year ago from cardiovascular disease. I know that was very hard for her, but obviously has left an impression on her about being healthy and taking better care of her body. I feel that my RA has done the same for me. Helped me see that I need to be better to my body. While things may be pleasurable - like eating all kinds of desserts and stuff, I still have to deny myself and try to be much more healthy so my joints will last longer.

Okay I need about one more hour nap before cooking dinner. Check in later.

My WEIGHT - ate too many peanuts

Sep 20, 2012 - 0 comments

I am so put out this week.

I started at 216.2, and everyday have gained like .2 pounds til I hit 217 today. I am going backwards. What the hell.
I have eaten a few more calories than the past weeks, but that should not be making me gain weight back. I just shouldnt be losing as fast. I mean only one day did I break 1000 calories, and all the other days I have still been under the 1000 calories. Maybe it's because I ate too many peanuts at night. EVILLLLL Peanuts !!!!!

RA Tracker

I stressed and need more veggies

Sep 12, 2012 - 0 comments

Okay I had to do way too much today and skipping meals definitely makes me eat more overall.
I like having my good schedule. I had my long day at work today, then had to pick up child from school, then off to hospital, then back home briefly to eat something, and had munchies so bad, then was off to choir rehearsal, then back home which i snacked even more.
plus i got to do absolutely no exercise today. I need to at least stretch in this bed or do some abdominal breathing exercises before i go to sleep. I upset because I havent burned any calories today so now i will have to make up for it tomorrow. my body is already tired. whew. anyway i gonna try not to stress over today and get back to it tomorrow.
I mean i may have consumed 1200 calories today so i really dont know why i am stressing so over it.
I will do better tomorrow though. I should have eaten some veggies today and that's where I am lacking and probably would have been better off had I filled up on veggies instead of nuts - they like my junk food. But i still need to set boundaries for how much of them i eat. i did great on my fruit consumption.