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Tapering off of medications

Mar 17, 2012 - 1 comments

pregnancy over 35


stomach problems


pains in my stomach

I am currently on 10 mg of valium for axiety/&muscle spasms (cutting down to 7.5 this week from being on 40 mg a day). I take Xyrem and many supplements such as melatonin & chamomlile to help me sleep. I am having to drink more chia seed oil & use stool softeners for stomach issues. The pain medicine I am on is MScontin 60mg 2x's a day with oxycodone 5 mg for break-through pain. The weather has been stormy and rainy and is making fatigue & pain levels worse. Praying baby is healthy and for grace to taper off of meds. I am also praying that my body will go into remission and that I can start sleeping through this miraculous pregnancy!!

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