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Loving my symptoms

Jun 14, 2009 - 0 comments

Won't get tired of saying my pregnancy symptoms!!

Had another 'm/s moment' about 10 a.m. in church the clammy hands and huge wave of nausea! Had to try to 'burp' it out as quietly and discreetly as possible!

BBs are KILLING me today!! Love it!!

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Morning Sickness - yea!!

Jun 13, 2009 - 0 comments

So, I had my first touch of m/s today....came about 10ish and knock me down for about an hour or so!  

Yippee yea!!

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It's about faith and I need to keep it!

Jun 10, 2009 - 0 comments

The doctor's office called back this morning and said that they would send me for another beta if I wanted. But I told them I've changed my mind. I'm going to be positive and keep the faith that I have that God will take care of me and my little sprout.  I was tired last night, woke up during the night and had really sore bbs during the night/early morning.  I'm going to be thankful that I am feeling good and not allow myself to think bad thoughts or imagine bad scenarios!

I'm going to try.

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I feel like I'm not pregnant anymore!

Jun 09, 2009 - 6 comments

I'm really getting nervous. I don't know if it's because we've told people and now, I would hate to have to tell them I'm not or what.  But I'm not as tired today, I've slept better the last two nights, my bbs aren't as sore...barely sore at all. I'm not nauseated.

I'm just scared that the baby isn't growing anymore and the levels are dropping. I know there's nothing I can do anyway, but I'm really irritated by everyone and everything. I just want to go to bed and try to sleep through the next few weeks. I know I said I wanted to enjoy every second of being pregnant, but that was when I felt pregnant! I don't feel pregnant anymore.

Please, please PLEASE grow sprout grow!

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