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August 23rd......21 DPO so confused

Aug 23, 2012 - 18 comments



poetry writingve

well today i should be about 21 dpo, but i was so curious and bought hpt cheap one from dollar store to try it out on 18 and 19 dpo didnt use first morning urine but the first day i did it, it did show anything right away but by the time i looked a couple mins later there was a faint line.. the same thing happened following day.  So i dont know what to think do those test actually work is it possible it pick up prenancy horomone on those days...
i am so scared but excited to think that my man is away and i could possibly tell him the good news when he comes back next week..
What does everyone think i am skeptical for sure


Jun 25, 2012 - 0 comments

Well thought i might have got lucky as AF was later then expected. but i guess i am disappointed but glad at the same time to know that my body is back to normal and not that badly affected by the loss of chance may 18.
I don't know if that is normal i delivered him may 18 and then got my period June 22. Doesn't sound bad to me..
So i am hoping to get it right this cycle coming come on CD 14.