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emergency protection order for kobe denied??!

Mar 14, 2014 - 2 comments



protection order




Child abuse













well im pretty upset... i dont understand how a judge can deny something that is for a childs saftey...

A little background info: on our last T-ball game of the season Kobes Birth mom ( for those who dont know we have 50?50 custody, but she has only started wanting visitations since the start of last year) his Birth mom drug him on the ground in the gravel by his arm from the outfield to third base while he was crying and people were telling her to stop and she only said he wasnt listening.. the whole stand full of people saw her do it, i didnt because i was in the game coaching the team as he was sitting out with her.

There were 2 family members in the stand who are court mandated to file a CPS report asap if they wittness child abuse. So they were obviously conflicted by it because they knew it would cause ALOT of drama with her, but knew they had to do something, so we went to the court house this morning to see if we could get temp custody ( since he went to his moms today for the weekend)  and the protection order until a court date.

We were at the court house for 6 hours before they even reviewed the case, and then they took 15 mins to decide it wasnt an emergency, so we had to take kobe to his moms, and wait till the court date next monday for them to basically hear her side of the story.
But WHY let him go back to his moms after seeing that he was abused??!! all they told us is if something happens again to call the police and they can issue a protection order or we could try again at that time.. WTF i have to let that happen to my child AGAIN before they will do anything??
BS!! I can honestly say i know tamra isnt the best mom, but i never thought she would really HURT him.
Dh is stressing thinking what if the courts some how turn it and then we lose more custody of him... but i dont see how that can happen, she is gonna have to explain why she did that, and i would think have to do something about it. im afraid that she did this in public and plenty of people could see, she didnt think it was wrong then whats gonna stop her from doing something worse in private when shes got him alone?
ugh, im sick over it...

Jordans birth story!

Dec 15, 2013 - 0 comments

Thank you to everyone who wished me well! We are home now and SOO happy to be!
This experience was SO much better than my first birth. I did have a couple melt downs before it started but man i was nervous! I had low platelets so they had t odraw my blood  a few times before we could do it. Had they had stayed low i would have had to go all the way under, because of the risk of bleeding out. But all was fine and they were okay with doing a spinal tap. It landed on Friday the 13th.. and some lady in the admissions told me "OH MAN WHAT A DAY TO HAVE A BABY>>GOOD LUCK!" ( like i wasnt nervous enough) also found out that a sergeon that worked on that floor had died and her family. her house blew up, a gas leak and they had started thier car in the garage... so everyone on the operating floor was pretty bummed, and were hush hush about it ( making me even more nervous!!)

My doctor and anesthesiologist and nurse was amazing, they dealt with me sooo well lol im sure it was rough because i was shaking and near tears the entire time. i remember so much from this c section than the last man the pressure when they take baby out is the weirdest feeling EVER! he was a BIG boy even bigger than expected so it was good i had a c-section instead of trying for vaginal. i told them i didnt want any narcotics, the only thing i had was demeral when the tap was wearing off. Then in recovery room every nurse pretty much fought me on giving me just tylenol.. finally i talked to doctor and he trusted me and let me have a tylenol drip with motrin in between.. and i wasnt in too bad of pain.. everyone was suprised but i really didnt want to be all loopy this time and i am happy i fought it. had a few crappy nurses who didnt listen or talk to me much about what was going on but overall decent staff.
Since jordan was so big he had a hard time keeping his sugar regulated so they gave him formula, he latched just fine and we will work on bf but im not going to get down on myself if it doesnt work out. Hes a great baby and fits in just fine <3 looks like a mix of the two boys, and i think more like daddy this time. we have to go back because he didnt pass the hearing tests so im stressed about that, but we can work through anything.
The boys werent allowed in the hospital because of RSV so i wasnt able to see them the entire time i was in the hospital, that was probably the roughest part.

First post before the new year!

Dec 30, 2012 - 0 comments

First I cannot believe how fast this year has gone by! I guess being neelt married, new step mom, pregnant and preparing for a baby had alot to do with it. Definetly a year with ups and downs! Just for a update my baby Skye is 3 months old healthy 14 something pounds. Sleeps mostly through the night only to wake to get changed and fed us usually once a night. Smiles, babbles, and begging to giggle! I love him to death! Kobe just turned 4. Growing boy!! His behavior has made an almost 180! He listens so much better and the tantrums are rare now. We've taught him how to talk through what's bothering him. The only time it doesn't work is when my mil is involved. Thats still a working progress. We have different views on how Kobe should be raised and she can't stand that we choose to do it our way. We are no where close to perfect and this is a learning process for all of us. I've decided that I'm going to be a stay at home mom for a few years. Id like to be able to be there for my kids when they are young. They are only little for a tiny while and I dont want to miss it! Kobe will start a part time preschool when we move in the spring. We finally got a house with a nice front and back yard. I can't wait to make it our home!  I think 2013 will start off on a good note and hopefully continue that way. My husband works new years eve and day so as soon as he gets his weekend we will start our resolutions. They will be things that are within our reach so hopefully we won't give up before march rolls around! I know my personal resoulions will be something like be a better housewife.. I hate laundry lol and be braver when it comes to meals ( I have picky husband and son)  feel comfortable with my body again. Even if that means just listening to the compliments my husband gives me. I'm that person who always looks at what I could have done better instead of Aldo praising myself for the good things I did accomplish. And I'd love to try to get my family out and try new things, I had a very adventurous family. I got to experience a ton of things so I just would like my kids to have things to look back on like I do. I can't wait for everything life has coming for us! And going to try to enjoy the ride (: happy new years everyone!!