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Look over there! Where? Ha ha! Made you look!

Jul 01, 2010 - 6 comments

Well, the good news is Orville has run away. He was here and now he has gone! YAY! He snuck out without even saying goodbye. Orville is what I named the cyst!  Man, I didn't even get the chance to slam the door and say, "......and don't come back!"
(Well, put it this way, the radiologist is 90% certain he has gone. She will get her boss to have a good look at the scans and be sure. Knowing my luck the little bugger is hiding in the back room behind the curtains!)

But the other news is my endometrium is super thick and the fact I haven't had a period for near 7 weeks is twofold. One; my hormones from having the cyst finally resolving may have delayed the period. I noticed I had a week of ovulatory type mucous and then dry mucous (if you do the Billings Method you will know what I mean. In fact all women should do the Billings Method it is not just for avoiding or getting pregnant, good way of keeping in touch with the way your body works!)  So after it dissolved/vanished/packed a bag and booked a ticket to Hawaii the hormones ought to  be back to the normal cycle. But the fact there was no progesterone phase of my cycle to kick in the period, may have delayed things. (it's complicated!) Having said that though, the fact my endometrium is so super thick is also an issue in itself.

So when I had my last period on 20 May, a week later it was showing a thick endometrium, consitent with mid meaning I should have menstruated (according to the radiologist report) the next week. That being early June. Well, how odd! To have a two week cycle is pretty weird, don't you think? So today when I mentioned this to the lovely radiologist, she frowned, she squinted at the screen, she said, "20th May, you said last period? Oh, and nothing since? Oh. Well, it's got thicker again since your last ultrasound." (June 7 2010) I asked would the cyst have been causing the hormones to thicken it up so much. She said that while the cyst hormonal acting up can cause bleeding in between periods, it is highly unlikely to be delaying it and to cause the endometrium to be this thick. I had a CT scan done a couple of weeks ago and that seemed to show the cyst may have been dissolving, so technically my period should have come not long after that! (I got the CT scan results last night) This is more another issue.
   She also noticed and said quite often, that my bladder was filling up super fast. She knew I had been to the 'Ladies' before hand but was amazed at how fast it was filling up. I hadn't had a cup of tea or water or anything for at least 3 hours!  She decided to check the kidneys, even though, as she said,  they had been checked only 4 weeks ago.(Gee I am sooooo good at being so weird!)

  Now me wonders about this sneaky fox of a conundrum..... My TSH having snuck up to  9.82 and  yet normal FT4 and low FT3... Not forgetting of course that my pathology also showed a Luteal Phase Defect (low levels of progesterone) there a connection here? Are they not joining the dots? Are they waiting for that last piece of the jigsaw puzzle to declare,"Oh! It's a Donkey!" (You have to love The Simpsons to understand that little joke)

I think when this period does arrive I better buy me some super duper heavy duty 'surfboards' and stay indoors for a few days! Gonna be a flooooooood, Momma!

Where have all the flowers gone? I am not blossoming!!!!!

Jun 29, 2010 - 4 comments

Dog dang it! Here it is a whole 7 weeks later and no Aunt Flo! What the heck is going on? I usually get my 'Monthly' every third week. Been that way for at least 6 months. Now nothing???? Oh and to all you smart arses out there, NO I AM NOT PREGNANT! I believe you need a male to help out with that and I am afraid my cat Oscar is the only male who shares my bed. I know HE'S been 'done' so it can't be him! Bwaaaaa haaa haaaa.

Ahem, I move on. 20 May period started. VERY heavy overnight for 2 nights. Medium through out the day for 3 days.  (Same as April.) I was thinking, ooooh cool, finally having short periods! I usually bleed for a week, starts out light, goes heavy for a couple of days, then tapers off to what I call 'staining' for a few days. These past few months has been totally weird!
   So a week after having the period in May I notice some bleeding, very light, almost imperceptible. Figured it was the ovulatory bleed I have quite often (most of my life I have had the Mittelschmerz pain each month from ovulating) Next day was medium flow and this went on for a few days. Then I had an ultrasound. Showed I have a 2.5 cm cyst on my left ovary with vascularity and a septa. The report later showed that I have a 7mm 'proliferative endometrium' stating that this was consistent with about to mentruate. I was like, huh? I only stopped bleeding the day before the US.
  I then had a CT scan to follow up the pain I was having in my lower right quadrant. No big evil things lurking in there, but the cyst seems to have decided to do something, and the doc is now starting to panic. So she told me another ultrasound sooner than later is needed. Well, I decided to wait a week as my period was due...well, I thought it was due.....and another week has gone by and nothing!  So I made the appointment today with radiology for this Thursday, and they said there would be no problems to have it even if my period comes. Trans-vaginal ultrasound is no big deal, even whilst menstruating.

   What gets me is; how could I possibly have a thickened endometrium a week after my 'period' and only a day after that light bleed for a week? Now no period at all? Makes no sense to me. I am not concerned, more curious than anything. I read that Endometrial Hyperplasia does this. Hmmmmm, plot thickens..or the endometrium in this case!

And the beat goes de dah de dah

Jun 19, 2010 - 2 comments

CT Scan yesterday went rather excitedly. Got there and after having had two lovely lemon-chemical flavoured contrast drinks get told, "Oh my GAAAAAAAAAWD! You got given the WRONG contrast! Quick here is a swimming pool full of water. DRINK IT NOW!!!!"

You see fans, I am allergic to Iodine. Sure they knew not to give me the I/V for the contrast, but someone stuffed up the oral contrast! It appears that when I went in to collect the oral contrast, and I mentioned I had no thyroid, by the bye, as you do. The receptionist decided to call up someone and they said, No thyroid, no worries! I said, "No no, I am ALLERGIC to Iodine". I was told it was fine to have it.
  LUCKILY for me the CT scan lady was on the ball, and she made me drink that pool of water and told me to eat as much fatty food as I wanted. Seems that there is a lower chance of reactiveness when ingested than when given intravenously. And before anyone gets at me about seafood and is NOT the iodine in the prawns etc that cause allergies it is the protein in them. Iodine ingested is not the same as in the vein through injection.
  So heads were rolled and long last the scan was done. Hours later I was allowed to go home. I had a minor rash later in the evening but nothing too bad.
  The scan lady told me she would give me the films to take to the doctor, then as I was leaving she said she would get them delivered to the doctor......hmmmmmmmm....

All I know is that, the left ovary cyst is not causing me any issues, pain wise, in fact I was stunned that there was one there on the ultrasound last week! The pain on the right side is getting worse, giving me bad dreams and is very tiring and draining. I could feel a roundish lump today, just to the right of where my right ovary is. Press on it and Whoa baby!!!!! So probably a better idea if I don't press on it!

So...weekend is here and again I have to wait! Oh well......we shall see.

Don't ask me, I don't know!

Jun 16, 2010 - 0 comments

Weird how my weight had been stable then went down then in the past few weeks went back up, then just as suddenly has gone down again! I haven't changed my diet in any way. Wondering if it is related to the issues I am going through. Hmmmmm.

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