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Gardening ain't no leisure!

Nov 26, 2008 - 5 comments

When you see my tracker with gardening  for 180 minutes...don't be decieved! I am not putting in seeds or just mowing a lawn. I am working on ripping out 30 year old agapanthus by hand, on a 22% hill! It is really hard work, but I enjoy it better than an aerobics class or just doing a boring treadmill walk. Plus I get to use muscles that are the deep core ones. My garden is looking great and I feel a huge sense of achievement when I see it looking neat and weed free, plus when I weighed myself this morning I was ecstatic!
Now to just tell the blasted mosquitos that I am NOT their lunch!

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Can't believe this weather!

Nov 23, 2008 - 1 comments

One week it's stinking hot, the next freezing cold..only 12 C one day here...snow on the mountains in almost summer here!? Crazy!
  So it made for a difficult week exercise wise. But took dog for a well deserved walk yesterday and she and I both enjoyed it better than the treadmill! Mind you I don't put HER on the treadmill...hee hee...
Am losing weight quite rapidly now, which is a good thing, but also a bit of a worry. Too much and I will get anorexic, which is something I was (without even trying!) back in 1994. I was only 54 kilos! Too skinny! But no-one figured it out that I must have been hyper-thyroid that year...Oh well!


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Too bloody hot!

Nov 13, 2008 - 0 comments

Today and yesterday were over 30c where I live..too darn hot for anything! Very humid too. Bad enough I get the dizzies when I do anything let alone in the heat.
I am useless in the heat did a few tricep workouts to at least feel I had done something!

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