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Jun 01, 2012 - 0 comments



abdorminal pains


vaginal discharge



I'm still hopinh and praying that I will not experiance yet another miscarrage. After having several in the past every little pain is scary to me. I was having aa few problems with discharge . ( mostly white with a tint of yellow) and a few cramps along with horrible, horrible constipation. I went to the hospital and found out that I had a BV infection but everything as looking fine. Now my cramping has subsided and things are starting to feel normal. However, every now and then I do tend to get a bit of shotting pain in my upper part of my vaginal region. After a month of no bowel movement my doctor requested that I try this Natural Fiber laxitive. The laxitive can be taken every four to six hours and up to five pills till a bowel movement is acheievd. Unfortunitly, it sounded better then it actually working. Today at the local wic office I had asked what were some other possible things I could try as my pain was becoming unbearable and nearly unable to eat. She suggested pruine juice along with stool softners. It worked amazing! If only I would have known it to be this easy before hand.