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Oct 17, 2009 - 24 comments

My life centered around fighting HCV.  It gave me purpose and drive.  Now my fight is over; I am SVR.

My wife's mother is now in the fight of her life.  She is in end stage  renal failure and she is too old for a transplant and to weak to continue dialysis.  Bed ridden, and now after a stroke, unable to talk.  I watch her lie there and think, this is the person that produced my beautiful wife; she gave her life and nurtured her.  She became a great grandmother yesterday when My niece gave birth to a lovely daughter.

I can feel the generations moving on as the young replace the old.

A sad day

Jul 30, 2009 - 1 comments

I think we have a rare opportunity to put our ideas together about health care.  There is probably no group with more experience dealing with chronic health problems than the various forum members here on medhelp.

Yet, every time we try and discuss it, the hate spills over and the thread gets deleted.  What is the purpose of this forum if not to help ourselves.  What better way to help ourselves than to put our ideas together and submit them to our congress?

I think it is a tragedy that we can't have a reasonable discussion about anything controversial.  I don't think I have the answerto the health care issues,  but I think collectively we all do.