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8-10 am morning

Jun 06, 2012 - 0 comments






Had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep- probably got 5-6 hours of sleep..

woke up before 7? tried to fall back asleep but gave up after over an hour. ate breakfast. wasn't really hungry but had the urge to eat. overate a bit but overall ate okay i.e. not a binge. had some black tea with milk.

shortly after, started crying. depressed about my insomnia, worried about my future. depression episode stopped at around 8:30. lack of sleep + caffeine probably triggered this episode. felt empty but not overly depressed afterwards.

mom woke up a bit later. felt a bit happier upon seeing her. I also watered the plants. she went back to sleep. I browsed websites for a while, felt my mood going down. writing this right now, mood a tiny bit better.

This is my head