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Experimenting with Blood Sugars

Mar 06, 2011 - 0 comments

Decided to experiment with Blood sugar today. No insulin for the past 2 days.

So I ate 5 small (2 flattish TBSP of batter/pancake) homemade gluten-free pancakes for breakfast (with butter and a smear of golden syrup each), and white coffee.  A lot more carbs than my usual, but not really 'excessive' for a typical person's Sunday breakfast.

Fasting this morning was 90 (no carbs at dinner last  night, except a glass of red wine).

Breakfast plus 30 minutes: 148
Breakfast plus 1 hr: 142
Breakfast plus 1.5 hrs 165
Breakfast plus 2  hrs: 159
Breakfast plus 2.5hrs: 135
Breakfast plus 3 hrs: 122

I guess I am in trouble here!  But am still in denial, as I am still eating things that I shouldn't!  But it would be nice to have some flexibilitity in diet.

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Silly Me

Jan 30, 2011 - 0 comments

Last night got home after a big chinese banquet (I only ate low carb foods, but still it was big!) and tested my BS.  It was 440! OMG! Panic!  Never ever ever had levels that high.  First thought was oh  no I'll kill the baby.  SEcond thought was should I go to the emergency room.

Third Thought - Rationality reestablished.  Better wash my hands and retest (maybe it was my face cream).

Retest #1 - 137.  Hmmmm... High, but not terrible.
Retest #2 - 83.  WTF?  How could this be.
Retest #3 - 93. ???  Ok.  Enough of this.  Obviously it's not at critical levels and so I drank a very large glass of water and went to bed.

THis morning fasting was high at 108.  Serves me right for last night's feast! That was a lesson learned.

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New Start on Diet

Dec 26, 2010 - 0 comments

Christmas (combined with lack of discipline) has ruined my diet.  Time to start again.

This morning my FBS was 138 - highest ever recorded, and nothing to e proud of.

I have found however that alcohol reduces my 'dawn' effect.  Yesterday morning it was 92, after a glass of wine at dinner.  A single small glass of wine is enough for this effect.  Guess I need to make wine a regular part of my diet for that effect.

Back on track.

Back to diet efforts. I will not count calories, but I will eat very low carb (target 35 - 50 g a day) and I will eat gluten free.  Before I eat, each and every time, I will ask myself if what I am about to put in my mouth will make me feel good; physically and psychically.

Back to exercise.  30 minutes a day minimum commitment.  More if I want and feel like it, but no stress.

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travelling and bs

Nov 27, 2010 - 0 comments

Can't control foods so easily when I'm out of my home environment.

Alcohol actually seems to help the blood sugar control - but not so good at self control when i have had drinks.

Carbohydrate tolerance is better in the evenings.

But not good enough to eat chocolate wafers, like last night.

Breakfast - a cup of coffee.
Lunch - chinese meal - proteins & meats
Dinner time - beer & nachos.
Wine and chocolate wafer sticks.

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