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Monthly cardiology appointment

Oct 13, 2011 - 1 comments

Tuesday I went to the cardiologist and I really feel like not going back because every time I go they tell me something new but never say some of the other things have gotten better. THis time I was told after my ICD was interrogated that my OptiVol was really high (I have a lot of fluid in the lungs) but I have no edema in my legs, feet or hands, but I do have a small cough and I have been SOB a little more often than usual. So he increased my lasix from 40mg 2x a day to 80mg in the am and 40mg in the pm. Then on top of this I am moving across the country in 2 weeks, and I have a cast that will come off next week. My last few weeks have been so busy and I am so tired!

To the doctors I go

Aug 11, 2011 - 0 comments

First I went to the Endocrinologist, and he said that he think my thyroid is acting up again because of the amiodarone so I may need to start taking the methimazole...which not too bad but it makes me itch...I kinda walk around like I have scratching...

So tired...

Aug 09, 2011 - 0 comments

Today I am so tired... I think it's the heat, I have pressure in my chest, I feel short of breath and my head hurts. I was watching Dr Oz and he was talking about "why we don't like our doctors", it was so good, he hit on a lot of points such as doctors not listening and waiting too long in the waiting room. But the biggest thing he said that stuck with me is that doctors seem intimidated by educated patients. Now I see a lot of doctors from a couple of different disciplines and I have found that some doctors ARE intimidated by educated patients. I usually don't keep these doctors long. I would consider myself an educated patient :)

Doctors.... Do they really know what they're doing?

Jul 19, 2011 - 1 comments

I know it's call practice but is it every going to get better? I went to the doctor today and it just burns me up to go from one of my doctors saying let's see what the other doctor say and then this doctor that we are waiting to say something says let's see what the other doctor say!!! WTH I don't get it no one wants to touch my medicine list with a ten foot pole because they are scared they will ....what make me feel bad...too late...been there done that. I have a medication list that is a full page long..let's see I take 12 in the AM and 19 in the PM and I know they all mesh together some how but they need to be evaluated. Just feeling overwhelmed and so freaking tired!