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Medicine...smedicine...who needs it?

Jul 02, 2011 - 0 comments

I spent a few days in the hospital for nothing! I tried the new medicine and not only did it not work but the Doctor told me that he didn't think it was going to work, so I decided not to spend $80 on a medication that was not going to work and just took my chances on a medication that I know will work but will have to work on dealing with the side effects. Going back to old tried and true....Amiodarone...the last time after I stopped this drug it gave me hyperthyroidism or Amiodarone Induced Thyrotoxosis (AIT) So this time I will just have to work with the Endocrinologist as I work with the Electrophysiologist to keep things under control.

in the hospital waiting....

Jun 20, 2011 - 1 comments

Today I went into the hospital to start a new anti-arrythmic medication called tikosyn I told the doctor that if it don't work we can try the drug that I found ethmozine (found it on wikipedia, and my college said not to use them,,,ha that has been the most useful site ever other than this one :) I had another echo and the tech told me that my EF was not as low as the other echo stated woohoo! but she didn't tell me what the EF was, going to ask the doc tomorrow.
Please tell me why every time I go into the hospital they screw up my medication?!? I bought all of my drugs (bottles and all) to the hospital and the nurse told me to send them back with my husband and what happen tonight? they screw it all up! I should have kept my meds! This is so frustrating!

Today was so crazy!

Jun 17, 2011 - 1 comments

It has been a trying day, I went to the grocery store with my 18 year old to get them some extra snacks since school is now out and right at the end of my trip my heart went crazy, it started beating fast over 140 and I was just standing in one spot waiting for my son to finish in the bathroom. I drove home, it was trying I was dizzy and it was hard to judge the space between me and the car in front of me so I prayed all the way home. I got in the bed and even after a few hours in the bed my heart rate was still over 120. I just got back down around 110. I hope this new medicine works. I got my answer back from the heart disease forum from the doctor and he suggest that I should go see a heart failure specialist. I will give them a call while I am in the hospital since there is one right there at the hospital.

Went to the electrophysiologist...not sure if I like what I'm getting into

Jun 15, 2011 - 3 comments

Heart Failure

I changed electrophysiologist just recently and I'm not sure if I like the outcome. The doctor did a 30day monitoring and it showed 1st degree heart block, over 6000 PVC's per day, over 350 missed beats per day. The doctor decided to change my anti-arrhythmic medicine to Tikosyn from Betapace. So I have to go into the hospital to change medicines on monday...I suppose to stop taking the betapace on Friday so I can start the new one on Monday. He said that we are out of rhythm options...I have been on every anti-arrhythmic, except the very old ones. We even talked about Amiodarone again but because it caused me to have hyperthyroidism I can't take it again...aarrgg. I am so done! Now I must research old anti-arrhythmic drugs so that if the Tikosyn don't work I will know what to do next. He also said I was not having enough PVC's for another ablation...not that I am mad about that I have had 4 of those already....don't really want another one...seeing as though I have to get one every 2 years. Anyway just wanted to vent...I love this journal thing, I get to vent and no one really has to listen lol