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Birth Story--Lydia Mae-Ellen

Jun 19, 2011 - 25 comments

After enduring pre-term labor again in this pregnancy and 11 weeks of bedrest, June 13th I was free to come off of bedrest and resume normal activity. I was thrilled!!

On June 16th I was having a lot of contractions and just not feeling right. I asked my midwife if I could come in to see her even though I had just seen her a couple of days before when I was a little more than 4cm. I wanted her to check me again because I was having bloody discharge. She said I was about 5 1/2 cm dilated at that point and the bag of water was bulging. Considering all of this and the fact that I was so close to 6cm, I asked if she could do a membrane sweep but if it wasn't a good idea, not to. She said it was fine considering what was starting anyway. She said with or without the sweep (and the sweep wasn't even guaranteed), the baby would be coming within 48 hours anyway. So she did the sweep and I went home and waited. I built the crib and changing table and got Lydia's room completely organized and then cleaned the house. I was so exhausted and went to bed. Before I fell asleep, I timed contractions and they were every 4-5 min for 2 hours. I thought labor was here. Then I decided to try to sleep and fell asleep for about 6 hours.

Woke up Friday morning, June 17th very refreshed but disappointed that nothing was happening yet! I had to pee really bad but just before I got out of bed, I felt a little trickle. I thought, "Great, I just peed myself!" Got up walked to my door and a gush of fluid came out and soaked my pants. I told my husband I thought I just peed myself! So I got to the bathroom, went pee and stood up and another gush. This time, I knew it was my water. I changed and it happened again, and finally my husband was somewhat convinced as well. haha This happened at 5:45am. I called my midwife at 6am and told her. She was worried that I could go quickly and wanted me to head over immediately. By this point, I still wasn't having consistent contractions and they were not painful at all. My husband was tired and said since I wasn't having contractions why don't we wait a little bit before heading out. So I told him, okay, get a few more minutes of sleep and I will make some phone calls to let some family and friends know what is going on. I also called my doula to let her know so she could get ready.

I never had my water break on its own, so it was a new experience for me. Almost every move I made there was a gush of fluid. So around 7am we headed out and stopped at McDonalds so hubby could get some coffee. My midwife called and was so worried about me and asked where we were. I told her hubby had to stop but we were about 30 min. away. I still wasn't having consistent or painful contractions. We arrived around 7:30am. Midwife didn't want to check me since my water had broken and decided at that point, I should just go for a nice long walk and see if anything happens. Went for a walk, drank lots of water, ate an energy bar. After the walk, the contractions were every 4-6 min but still not painful. Any contractions I would get I could walk and talk right through them. I thought this was a joke!!  Then after about an hour, they stopped! I was so frustrated. Friends and family showed up and my doula arrived and I felt like I wasn't even in labor. Midwife gave me some homeopathic meds to see if it would jumpstart labor. Between 11-12, my doula and hubby were massaging my swollen feet and ankles and looked up some pressure points to induce labor. They did it all! But still no consistent contractions. Then, hubby decided to go grab a bite to eat with his brother and everyone else, MIL, 2 SIL, and 2 friends left as well since things were going so slow. They went just down the road while I layed down and rested with my doula. After laying down for 30 min. my midwife decided she would check me finally and I was 7cm. So I was making progress, but sure didn't feel like it was possible because I felt so great! My midwife then asked if maybe something was on my mind, like maybe a mental block was causing things to move so slowly. I definitely was a little stressed (family issues) and just worried about my sweet Lydia after losing my son last year. She encouraged me to go for another walk and clear my mind. So around 12:30, my doula friend talked with me and I got everything off my chest that was bothering me at the time. She then prayed with me and I felt so much better. We went for another walk up and down this hill about 10 times ( I was still able to walk through the sporadic contractions I would get as well). Came back to the birthing room around 1pm and contractions started coming every 2-3 min consistently. After a couple of those, they started to become painful, no more talking through them and I had to focus and breathe. Friends and family arrived back at that point, but hubby was still out. I begged him to get back quickly because I didn't know how I could cope without him there. He got back around 1:30 and that's when the pain really kicked in. I could feel Lydia move down with every contraction.

This is when labor started. I swayed back and forth with hubby and moaned through every contraction but kept my composure and didn't lose it. Closer to 2pm I wanted everyone out of the room (even though I promised 2 of them they could stay) at that point I only wanted my doula and hubby in the room. I was in the bathroom sitting on the toilet because it was comfortable for the time being. I stood up and hubby looked at me and said "I think you need to push" In my head I was like "How the heck do you know what I need to do?!?!" lol  (later hubby told me I need to learn to listen and trust him more because we have such a deep connection and he knows me so well) So with the next 2 contractions I pushed a little bit and it felt good to do that. I knew it was time. Got out of the bathroom, onto the bed, and was on all fours. (This is the position I wanted to be in this time, last 2 times I was on my back) I told my midwife I deifnitely had to push and this was it. She didn't even need to check me. The first push she could see her head coming down. I gave 2 more pushes after that and then I wanted to lay down because I was shaking so bad but then another contraction came and I had no choice. I pushed with all my might and that's when Lydia was born! She was only halfway out when she started crying. We were all in shock! I met my baby girl at 2:06pm after just 6 pushes total.
She was completely covered in vernix from head to toe because she was almost a month early. The last 2 deliveries I bled pretty bad after giving birth, but this time I only needed one shot of pitocin and the bleeding was minimal. It did however take longer to deliver the placenta (about 25 min). This was by far the easiest and fastest labor and delivery I've ever had. Family friends came back in, saw her, then they cleaned her up, I took a shower, and not even 3 hours later, we were headed back home.

Lydia Mae-Ellen born on June 17th, 2011 at 2:06 pm weighed 6lbs 14oz and 18 1/2 inches long. According to how the midwives rate and score babies, they said she was 36w4d not 37w1d. But her breathing was awesome and her size was fine. I am very blessed to have had my 3rd natural delivery and a healthy baby girl. Jeremiah, my 3 year old, is completely in love with his little sister. He thinks she is so pretty and kisses her all the time. :)
We are so happy to have Lydia here safe and sound. <3