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Lost 11.4 lbs so far in this pregnancy

Jul 01, 2009 - 5 comments

So I am just above 11 weeks pregnant with baby #2 .. and i have lost 11.4 lbs since becoming pregnant.. I am still exercising which i know is helping with the weight but im really unable to keep a lot down at this point.. I have been eating a lot of brown rice and veggies.. thats seems to be the only thing that I can keep down.. and I have craving water and ice which is definatly helping keep the weight off.

My ob is not concerned at all.. hes actually happy since I still had the extra weight from my last pregnancy he is glad that I am not gaining too quickly this time around.. He said its perfectly healthy for an overweight women to loose some weight during pregnancy.. so im super stoked... because I am getting married next june

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