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My feelings on having a baby boy

Jul 22, 2009 - 13 comments

So as alot of you know I have been wishing to have another baby girl since  I found out that I was pregnant. At my n/t scan they said that there is a good chance this baby is indeed a baby boy.. At first I was crushed... I could never see myself having a baby boy.... I never even had the desire to have a boy..  my best friend ( who is pregnant as well) took me shopping the other day and man did i shop! I got so many cute little boy outfits and it was soo much fun.. i got little jackson a little shirt with a tie.. its so adorable!   I'm starting to get excited about having a little boy..  I have my mini me ( Aubree) and now we will have matt's mini me ( Jackson)  and I don't think i could be any happier!  Matt is over the moon happy.. he has always wanted a little boy.. not that he doesn;t love aubree .. shes a total daddys girl but i  just think its a 'man' thing to want a little boy..   He is starting to get alot more active in my belly.. and i totally love it!  Aubree will put her head on my belly and babble to jackson .. its too cute!  no one can really tell that I am pregnant yet.. im not really showing all that much.. which is a blessing and kind of a curse..  I'm so excited to be carrying this little guy that i want the whole world to know ... but at the same time im glad im not getting big because i am getting married a couple months after this little guy comes...  

I'm just so glad that my feelings have changed.. I guess  I knew that I would love this baby regardless of gender but i honestly thought i would have some regrets if it wasn't a girl.. but i don't ... i love this baby with all of my heart ( well what isn't taken by aubree of course)  and I can't wait to meet him in january!  I can't wait for Aubree to be a big sister and I can't wait for all of us to be a family! :)

I just need to scream : )

Jul 17, 2009 - 3 comments


okay now i feel a little better : )  Just needed to let some frustration and some anger out ...  Don't you love those days when it seems like everything has gone wrong?  I'm pregnant... have horrible morning sickness... have a 14 month old that seems to love to test my patience every minute of every day... a mother who alot of the times acts like a child and i end up acting like her mother.. and a fiance who is wonderful most of the time but always picks the wrong days to be un-wonderful...   but other than that I'm miss freakin sunshine * grins *  I'm just having an off day .. but it shall pass.

How are you ladies doing today =]  

Update on my situation

Jul 16, 2009 - 15 comments

just wanted to let everyone know that the charges were dropped against me ( all of them ) and he has been officially charged with assault in the first degree ( against my mother) ..   I was granted a Protection from abuse.. which means he is not aloud within 100 feet of me and i am not aloud within a 100 feet of him.  My lawyer is trying to get him charged with endanger the welfare of a child ( my unborn baby) but he is having trouble making that stick since Pa does not recognize that a fetus is a baby.. and he will be charged with assault against me.

For My Daughter

Jul 10, 2009 - 7 comments

So I made videos out of pictures of all my daughters milestones during her first year... I had to split it into two videos because of stupid you tube... *sighs* but have a look and tell me what you think

Aubree's First 6 months

Aubree Months 6 - One Year