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The beginning of my body cleansing

Jun 25, 2012 - 1 comments





Smell like poop


foul bad breath

this is my first time actually talking about my health, so here it is, im a guy with a A LOT of issues however my main concern is herpes, the fishy smell, and i recently started smelling like poop too, well you know how that plays out in social situations and thanks to that its depressed the **** out of me. i have been doing good this year with depression though. ive completely changed my pessimistic ways and ive even been told that i look like im in a better place than before, im optimistic and positive yet deep down im still sad. i still go out and i have managed to get and keep jobs, but i fear that the smell is getting worse and my luck will run out.  So i woke up today feeling really ******* great and motivated to change my life for the better, both mentally and physically. i dont know why  it took me this long to get started but here i am taking an initiative. i really want to get my life together im sick of feeling this way. if anyone can shed some light on the issue(s) or any advice id appreciate it dearly. thanks  :)