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Sep 09, 2009 - 1 comments

i didnt sleep well at all last night. ahad lots of cramping and nausea through the night. also Lanni woke up at 3am and when i got up to see her..my bbs KILLED....very very sore. they are still very sore but just no as intense. today i REALLY feel pregnant.

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Sep 08, 2009 - 2 comments

i dont know how long my cycle is suppose to be this month so i dont know if im suppose to start today or not. here is a look at my cycle from past months.

march 7th to march 31st = 25 day cycle

april 1st to april 29th = 29 day cycle

april 30th to may 24th = 25 day cycle

may 25th to june 19th = 26 day cycle

june 20th to July 14th = 25 day cycle

july 15th - Aug 9th = 26 day cycle

Aug 10th -

So back in April i did have a 29 day cycle. i dont know if this one is going to be longer or what woke up this morning with very sore bbs again but even more sore then yesterday and also woke up with more cramping but it wasnt very strong and didnt feel like they were the type of cramps you get right before af arrives. been having some light nausea coming out the blue as well.  I did take a HPT again yesterday morning and again just the most faintest line was there. they were with a blue dye test and i read that they are notorious for leaving traces of lines..even from the very beginning. Im going to test with a frer test in the next day or two if af hasnt come yet.
caved in at 1:30pm and took a frer test and it was neg. pee was very watery but you'd think something would show up by now if i was.

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Sep 06, 2009 - 0 comments

woke up this morning feeling like i was really going to start my period then and there...it went away by the morning. i also woke up with very sore bbs. later in evening i started to get pretty nauseated off and on. i took a dollar test in the am and the line was so faint that i figured it was an evap. this even i went out and got 2 store brand tests and took one went i got home and there was an extremely faint line on that..but there. it showed up after about 2 minutes. im going to test again on the 8th if af doesnt show by then.

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Sep 05, 2009 - 0 comments

my daughter lost my thermometer last night so i wasnt able to temp today...tho it was found this morning.
symptoms today have been moderate sore bbs and barely any cramping (light cramping in late evening) and no sign that af is coming. testing this morning with rexall brand..neg.

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