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Glad I made the move

Jun 13, 2015 - 0 comments

The move to Reno was very difficult. Nothing went right even though we thought of every contingency but things just went south for us many times but finally we are here!!!!!
I love the change of seasons and the scenery. I get around with my scooter (from the VA) but there is not much in the way of places I like to go just yet. I am not into casino's (been there, done that) and still looking for a nice place to eat locally but nothing close by.
Medically speaking, I am still waiting to get fully diagnosed and treated here. They have a different system here that I am trying to get used to. Hip pain acting up again and I have to see a neurologist and than another doctor to get it treated like I din in CA. Much different system here!
Less stress, beautiful atmosphere, and VERY FRIENDLY people.
Takes a little adjustment but I will adjust! Glad I made the move.

Recent Update 09/30/13

Sep 30, 2013 - 5 comments

I have been through MANY a pain management team and each has their own education about treatment. Most of them prescribe drugs which do not help me due to pancreatic problems developed due to the high dosage of drugs.
I have had steroid injections, nerve blocks and so much more but a handful of doctors with knowledge of my pain issues diagnosed me with Piriformis syndrome. I have done the physical therapy thing many times with no help.
Over years of diagnosis and treatments, finally I got an answer from more than one doctor. Because of the surgeries I have had over the years, I have developed scar tissue which presses on the nerves surrounding the pain areas I have described (hip, back and piriformis muscle). There is nothing that can be done for this and no more surgeries are recommended for me.
After researching my areas of pain and MANY a doctor, I found a sports medicine doctor who gives me injections to my hip and piriformis muscle area which help. I have had Botox injections to these areas and the injections help. The injections help[ stop the muscle from spasms. (pressure on the nerves again from the scar tissue create spasms) (muscle relaxers sometimes help)
I have had to do much research to understand what is happening and why.
The more you learn, the more you can tell your doctor to look into (if they have the educated background).

Pain issues

Jul 28, 2012 - 1 comments

My history of degenerative joint/disk disease has been very painful over the years. I have had 5 surgeries and metal to help the bones but had to have the metal removed 5 years later due to nerve impingement. Some of the surgeries have helped along with treatment from the pain management team. Nerve blocks have helped but the nerve does grow back over time. The cortisone shots have not been much help but the last shot I had did help and I am walking again for the first time in over 5 years.
I will never be pain free, I have accepted this fact and pain medications do not help. I was on the fentanyl patch which only numbed my mind and did more damage to my body then I ever knew. I am off the patch over a month and use Voltaren gel to take the pain down at least one notch which helps with sleeping. My pain levels are a constant 4-5 on the pain scale but I have learned to live with this pain daily. When I can get the pain down to a 4, it helps me cope throughout the day with my daily tasks. I am due to see my surgeon and pain management team for more treatments but I have found a team that I trust after much research in finding a specialist in these fields. I researched my condition and learned how this will affect me in the future and current pain issues. I got an education and it took a long time to find an orthopedic surgeon that can help with my condition. The pain management team is going through a reorganization and I have to wait over a month to see the head of the clinic but they have helped in the past and hope this will help in the future.