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Jul 19, 2012 - 0 comments

drug addiction

hello, well iv been taking roxies for a little than 2 years now ... & my addiction is just getting worse i went from half a 30 mg roxi a day to about 4 full ones a day. it was going bad i couldnt function if i wudnt take 1 or 2 in that am etc... now that my tolerAnce got higher i think i have a problem & REALLY wanna call it quits... but its sooooo hard especially when like 70% of my friends sell em & theyre ALWAYS around ... im trieng a home detox iv been clean of painkillers since yest july 18 & the half of today, but ... iv been taking 2mg xanax to calm myself & my nerves ... dont have the money or the insurance to check myself in so home detox is my only bet ... iv lot half my weight now on 90 something lbs .. any one have any tips,support @ this point im desperate :( ... this has to end. it feels likr iv hit rockbottom & i dont have enough strength to climb up