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A huge NO THANK you to my insurance company!

Oct 17, 2012 - 1 comments

Dear Insurance Company,

Thank you for taking over 2 weeks to review my claim and attempt to approve coverage on my new DMD. I really appreciate your prompt response and the length of time you spent in reviewing my information. Since it took you this long, and you had multiple calls for reminders from myself and others, I am grateful that your decision in the long run was to deny coverage and refuse the medication. Also, thank you so much for suggesting that I take Copaxone instead, considering that is what I just came off of in September due to severe adverse reactions. Although the information about my Copaxone use was in my file that you reviewed and also did show that you had approved and covered that in the past, I am not upset with you that you overlooked this in your attempt to delay this process for me.

I am glad that when I called to report this to you and fight this, that you offered me an appeal process that would take 60-90 days. That is perfect! Thanks so much for offering such an easy quick process for me! After multiple calls and complaints on my end, I am glad to find out that the sole reason you denied my coverage is now due to the fact that Betaseron costs less than 6% more for you annually than it's newer sister drug, Extavia. And that you feel I can go without my DMD for another 2+ weeks and possibly longer while I now complete more paperwork, wait again, and hope that you don't find Extavia unfit for me by the time the claim comes to your office the SECOND time.

So dearest Insurance company... thank you.
I really appreciate your concern and care for my situation.
Yours truly,
A highly irritated multiple-year policy holder who pays you a hefty premium monthly and has never needed your assistance very much in the past at all....

(WHEW!!! ~ I feel sooo much better now...) :)

Walk MS 2012! WE DID IT!

Sep 24, 2012 - 2 comments

I am soooo proud of team fighting the MonSter!!! Tom (aka tomas2729) and myself walked on Saturday with our families and some close friends. We were recognized at the walk for being the Top Fundraising Rookie Team! I am FOR SURE doing this next year and am going to try to be on the Walk Committee if possible.

I am still floating on clouds with the natural high that helping others gives you. It was so nice to see so many people in my community rally up for MS! The cute kids, adorable tshirts/accessories, and just being able to share a special day with special was fantastic. I still get a lump in my throat just thinking about it.

So today, I am grateful for my disease...unlike most days when I want to punch it in the face and tell it to go to "you know where". Or as my grandma always said...."Go where the sun don't shine!" If by having MS I can spread awareness, raise money for research, and help even one person like me in THEIR fight??? Then maybe that is the reason I was diagnosed with this all along. I want to continue to give back, as it seems to really help me with the feelings of anger, bitterness, confusion, and overall emotional angst. And as long as I am able, I will...

Wish I had go-go gadget arms and could reach out and give everyone in this community a huge ol' hug today! You are all special people...and the support in this online community alone is just totally amazing.

Dearest Copaxone, I truly truly hate you...

Sep 15, 2012 - 4 comments

This is just a rant and nothing more! I am fed up with these injections!!! No, I won't stop taking them, but sure am glad I have my neuro appt next Wed to discuss more with her. I need her to tell me this is just adjusting and it will go away soon, or I am seriously going to go crazy.

Started this stuff on 8/ has not been a full month just yet. The first week or so it was random site reactions (small bumps on top of skin, redness, etc) and always a lump underneath. The lumps lasted a week or so for the first weeks shots. Around the first few days of September, I started getting major hives on top of the skin approximately 24hrs after the shot.

As of today, I have huge, VERY warm, bright red hives. I am talking the kinda hives that literally will make you just want to run in front of a moving bus! Skin tight/stretched due to the swelling, bright red, hot to touch, severe severe itching real deep (as in NO touch and NO slight breeze or anything!), and this is hanging around for days. This morning my legs are finally gettting back to a somewhat normal color, but still swollen and itchy...and I did those shots last weekend. They were actually pretty big too, a few inches out from the actual site all the way around, like a pancake or something! And my upper arms this morning? Ugh. The welts are covering the entire upper arm on the back and underneath. They hurt and I can just feel the heat coming off of them! And they are soooo red. And I feel like if I bump them into something, the skin will break.

The last 3 nights have been brutal trying to sleep, and I seriously lost it on Thursday morning before work. And now today, I am supposed to go to a tailgating party with my husband and his boss/co-workers and then go to the local college game. Yep, in the sun, in the nice warm weather. And somehow I will have to try and cover up those horrid nasty looking arms and hope it does not make me crazy the entire night! I just hope this will pass over and stop. If this is some type of allergic reaction, I just hope they can get me something else that won't do this.I cannot keep doing this...ugh.

And on that note, I am going to get ready for the day now...and try to stay positive. Try. No promises here.