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Sam Isn't Concentrating Well Today

Feb 10, 2009 - 0 comments

School nurse called.  Some kid at school bit Sam.  Sam didn't mention it until I asked.  he wanted us to take a picture of the bite mark in his back for memory sake.

State exams are in a couple of weeks.  Not looking forward to the crack down that is going to happen during the next couple of days.  Husband is the prep Nazi (not cool to say since his parents were Holocaust survivors).  Time to put a giant Bionicle out there for bait.  

Husband took him to Comic-Con.  More into the gamers than the comics.  Husband made a joke that he was shocked that the DOE didn't have a massive terrorist attack there = they could have killed off every Aspie kid in NYC in one go and saved the school budget.  it was funny until the other ASD kid's dad saw me this morning during the Little Yellow Bus hour.  He mentioned that he saw Sam at Comic-Con yesterday.  

Funny thing, Sam refused to wear any of his cool Superhero/Gamer t-shirts because he didn't want people to think he was a geek.  His best friend fro school came in full superhero regalia.  

Maybe there is hope for Sam yet.

Growing Up Aspie

Feb 03, 2009 - 0 comments

I sometimes get so frustrated with my son.  We fought for 4 hours last night over homework it took him 10 minutes to do.  When his Dad came home - he took the girls to the pool (it is in the building) and told Sam to finish up.  instead Sam jumped into his swimsuit and followed him down.  I was tired of fighting and told him to tell his Dad he wasn't finished when he got there.  He didn't so his Dad took the two new video games he had bought him (with money from doing his homework) and told him he couldn't get them for another week.  He was crying that he couldn''t believe how much he screwed up today.  Lately he has been a bit disrespectful. We push him hard.  He is in a 6th grade class at 10 and we really make him work hard on his academic deficits (like writing coherently).  But we see so much potential if/when he gets his emotions under control.

Lately, he has been putting passwords on our phones so that we can't get into them.  He isn't doing it maliciously but I still got pretty angry at him doing it.  Just like Daddy playing with high tech things is so much fun.  If he forgot the codes then we were a bit screwed.  

He got a pretty cool school project this week.  It has to due with Ancient Egypt.  Guess what my undergrad degree was in - Egyptology.  Luckily, he was ahead of the class in this subject because we were always reading books and watching documentaries on this subject.  He seems excited about it - and the mummy they are going to build.  I have a really wild papyrus to send to the class that has been sitting in storage for about 20 years.  Kinda gruesome but it is a predominantly boy class.

We also put him back on adderall after a 2 year break in order to get his concentration back up.  I am lucky if I can get him to sit down for 5 minutes without demanding a break.  I have even offered him an extra dollar for every 30 minutes he can sit without getting up.  His homework and Kumon take about an hoor every night and he can make about $5/night if he is good.  

My husband yelled at me for getting on his case so much.  We have been fighting more lately due to the stress of the state exams.  

This morning I put in his hot pocket for breakfast.  He has eaten them every morning for 2 years straight.  This morning he woke up and wanted Frosted Flakes.  he was about to get mad at him when I wanted him to eat the hot pocket - but relented.  Then, as his bus was pulling up, he was eating the Frosted Flakes.  It was hard to convince him to put them down as we needed to meet the bus.  

Let us pray that he wants those games back.