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give it time

Mar 06, 2008 - 6 comments

i just wanted to put this in my journal because i know alot of ppl struggle with how much time.  maybe if you undersand what is happening you can get through it a little easier...good luck and be good to yourselves.
cathyhi skippy, i am cathy, and i dont think i have posted to you yet, BUT here goes...
lets out this in perspective,  you have been drug free for 8 days (which btw in itself is a huge accomplishment)  but, previous to that you literally abused your body with the drugs you put in it.  you tore down your immune system and deprived your body of so many things...then the stuff you did while on the pill (ie, no eating...killing the endorphines you make naturally and replacing them with fake ones) are you getting the picture?  then you finally get off the pills and bame you think you should be etter in 8 days.  not gonna happen.  your body has to have time to refurbish itself so to speak.  while i KNOW this is not an enjoyable time... use this time to treat your body with vitamins and hot baths and such to help rebuild it to what you used to  be.  give it some time...dont get impatient, that will cause you to become frustrated and then the cycle begins me i went back to useing for 2 weeks after 20 days  cuz i just felt blah,  but with 70+ days behind me i am feeling great.  the fuzzies are gone i have more energy than i ever have and i LOVE LIFE.  dont get me wrong..i do have BAD days but i recognize them and do something to turn it around it is all up to you.  start getting some excercise.. start slow, but make yourself do really helps.

okay i am gonna shut up now...if i offended you i am sorry, i was just trying to help you see it takes time.
hugs to you