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Here We Go Again!

May 28, 2008 - 8 comments

Being a Writer..I'm so surprised that I haven't written a Journal Entry yet! I am always this will be my first.

Well, I'm going to be a Mommy! I am beyond thrilled! A teeny bit scared since this is my 3rd Pregnancy in 8 first 2 ended in Miscarriages. I was trying both times so it was very tough. This time around..I just had  my second M/C April 17th and was NOT trying at all and look where I am-PREGGO! It's just unbelievable how that all works...I guess not being stressed about it and not tracking every little thing really does play a part. I feel different this time I can feel my body changing...this ones going to stick I know it. I have no idea when I Ovulated or when we even had Sex...but I have a funny feeling I am due February 1st..just intuition I guess. So I am anywhere between 4W6D-5W6D today! My first appointment is Monday June 2nd...I can't wait!

This is truly a husband and I have been TTC since July 07...almost a year later here we are, finally! It's such a miracle. I'm just praying everything goes smooth and we have a healthy baby next year. Pray for me everyone!!