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any ideas

Dec 02, 2007 - 0 comments








Hi.  I am new to this site.  I am questioning some issues with my husband.  For the past couple of years he has had a feeling that someone is pinching him in the axillary area of both arms and he has noticed numbing and tingling in the forearms with this.  For the past two omnths he has suffered from muscle weakness in the upper left arm.  When he contracts the muscles, they stay flaccid with absolutely no contraction.  He is a mason so his arms are pretty muscular.  Last night I was studying for a test (nursing student) and found that his uvula deviates to the left side.  Looking this up I found that it could be brain stem cancer or neck injury.  What does anyone else think or has anyone experienced this?  He has seen a chiropractor and he seems to have no worries regarding the tingling said it could possibly be carpal tunnel.  I am just worried now and would like any comments.