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Hey loves, help me out!

May 19, 2011 - 1 comments

Hey medhelp friends I know its been a while since ive been here but i know plenty of you remember me! I have a HUGE favor to ask of you, its easy and quick and if you have a facebook page you can save my day! My baby girl (Amelie) who if you remember I tried sooooo hard for , for sooo long, is entered in a "cutest kid" contest. all of these kiddos are flippin adorable, but i really need that prize, its a free family portrait and tiered birthday cake! we have never had a portrait made since the baby came and all 3 of my girls bdays are back to back. if you could take a secod id really appreciate your help :) heres the link to the contest page, you have to "Like" it first":!/pages/DDH-Photo/167686629934768
and heres a link straight to my baby girls pic, you can vote on her by "liking" her pic!/photo.php?fbid=202073479829416&set=pu.167686629934768&type=1&theater
and thats all you gotta do! thanks ladies! lemme know when i can return the favor!

What should your 4 year old know...?

Aug 04, 2008 - 4 comments

"She should know that she is loved wholly and unconditionally, all of the time... She should know that it is always okay to paint the sky orange and give cats 6 legs... He should know his own interests and be encouraged to follow them... "

Its a part of an article I didnt read all the way through but I came across in more research of homeshooling. There was a situation in which a group of mothers wondering about homeschool (like me!) was questioning other mothers of preschoolers and teachers of preschoolers what their child should know at the ages 2,3,4... The mothers gave their opinions that your child should have an understanding of numbers, know their letters, etc. The teachers replied the above quotation, in so many words. They stressed, genuine interest in learning, communication, compassion. I found myself wondering, how many times had I felt threatened hearing about mothers who were already halfway through with teaching their children all the names of the planets, presidents, etc. While my child knew a very cute version of the abc's ( L, N, Minnow, P!) and different songs we made up about various things like bathtime, going to the grocery store, and other things. Why were these teachers so much more aware of these childrens foundational needs than their own parents, and why do we as parents sometimes feel that pushing a child is more effective than holding their hand? And besides, every child learns at their own pace, usually at a faster one when they are well adjusted and have a healthy view on learning. Childhood is not a race, and neither should motherhood be. Its no doubt I have been enjoying their preschool years but as a parent have I not put enough value into what they already know about who they are and what interests them? surely its not something they can take a test on, but I cant help but think its a wonderful, powerful and strong foundation to build on. One that gives them confidence! Every experience is a learning experience, I had taken for granted all of the play things we do, zoo trips, letting them help cook and clean, taking care of one another and different animals, communication with each other, hygeine, times of day, letting them pick out their own outfits! And I had my own self overwhelmed at the prospect of holding their education in my hands, sure that I was so far behind in my efforts, marking them for failure. So many things to consider when you are a mother, so many dreams you have for them, that it is SO easy to let the time slip from your fingers worrying about the future, and your own success THROUGH your children. And the whole time they are sitting there just enjoying life, loving you and themselves, learning something brand new every day, and not having a thought in their head but when snack time is while your head and heart is in knots over whether they will be ok because of you or not! I think we will be ok, homeschooling starts soon, I have to stock up on some books and my first meeting with my group will be in september. I just wanted to again thank all the people who gave me information on the subject, it was very helpful. And if you are reading this, Agomez or any other experienced homeschooler, I had a question on the age difference in my girls (5&3) and how to go about time management with both the children because I know one or the other will need my full focus for at least a few hours out of the day with their lessons any advice, activities, methods, would be appreciated!

If your kids have a hard time keeping their hands OFF your computer....!

Jul 29, 2008 - 0 comments

Send them to the website! ITS AWESOME! (this is for younger children, focuses on reading and alphabet).

great news on my homeschooling!

Jul 16, 2008 - 9 comments

I just joined a homeschooling group in my area, its basically the only one I could find because we live in a VERY small community, and the group meets two towns over every first Friday of the month. Its mostly a support and discussion group for moms to talk about different curriculums, give tips, field trips, etc. While we are there the children are benefiting also, they have a dance instructor to teach dance to them, and art class, and a nursery for the babies. At the end of the year the children put on a recital learned from the dance class, im so exited! The lady who started it says she took her cues from the group MOPS which we used to go to monthly also. so its kinda set up that way, with the children off to their class rooms and the mothers starting with a snack and having an assigned topic for that meeting. I have already checked in with the school there and I need to pick up a packet from the administrative office so that I can begin home schooling! I also have a friend through the church I used to attend that has homeschooled her twin girls from kindergarten up and they are doing extremely well. I am going to ask her a few things so I have a very good support system and all the advice and pointers I need to start off. I feel this is going to be very good for my family and I am very exited about it!