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Poor HIV education

Feb 20, 2008 - 5 comments

News in my country show that young educated people - a male this time- committed suicide over having unprotected sex with a girl of unknown status. It’s crazy round here. Nobody knows a thing bout HIV-symptoms, anonymous test, risk exposure, the existence of a treatment or eventually the “living with” part.
       Young educated people give up their lives knowing that’s “no after” –no work, no socialization, no family……and they are right….Society does not give them a chance :people are afraid to touch them, to employ them, to form magnet couples, to have babies.
       I really know it’s like this. Docs I’ve been to (like a douzine so far) do not know common sense stuff over HIV. They panic patients. They are also scared and you are afraid and ashamed to say you’re there for an appoyment to take an H I V test (it’s a taboo issue). They look at you as you’re a CWS or worse. You try a smile but it’s more like an excuse….You get thrown away from school and hospitals as like by touching a door you trough public health in light air.
      So you see…. patients go trough hell –and I really mean HELL - these 2 weeks(10 business days) till they get their result.
      So they can take it anymore and suicide for not accepting the stigma of disgrace ……this poor 25yo guy, living in the city, has been devastated these 2 weeks. Sad is the result came back negative, but too late for him…..
“The HIV generation lived longer than Romania would have wont “ once said Voica Steluta in “Cotidianul”, the 20th October 2007)