Tracking Dylan's Asthma Journals
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Nov 21, 2008 - 0 comments

well, today is day  7 since Dylan was hit once again with RSV!!! on top of that he has double ear infection & his tubes are turned side ways making his ears painful and constantly red........i just started him on his meds for everything on Wednesday.....i couldn't afford $400.00 for his meds so  had to wait until his medicaid went through....this *****......i hope he gets better soon!!

Dylan is getting sick again!!!!!  UGH!!!

Oct 01, 2008 - 0 comments

well he just got over RSV and a viral infection last week and here it is Wednesday morning and he woke up coughing, stuffy nose, and he also had diarrhea yesterday, and his temp is 100.2.....he has seasonal allergies so im hoping its just allergies......RSV, flu, pneumonia, and strep have been going around for the past 3 weeks!!!! if he's worsened by tomorrow i have to bring him in to see his ped.

Dylan is so sick!!

Sep 20, 2008 - 1 comments

10-16-08-----took dylan to doctor all of his tests came back negative!!!
10-17-08-----started running back-to-back fevers of 104-105!
10-18-08-----took him to doc and RSV was positive with possible pneumonia!!!
10-19-08-----took him back to docs for another review and x-ray shows patches on his lungs, so he does have RSV and Pneumonia...on top of that he is getting a viral infection!!!! this past week and a 1/2 has been the worst of all, i just wish he could hurry up and get rid of all of this, but i must be patient and continue getting him better!