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2015 tdf plus goleic gcmaf plus high dose vit d3 hbsag 699iu/ml and going down

Feb 04, 2015 - 2 comments

Checking hbsag every month, i ll post which goleic and vit d3 doses make response as it becomes clear

tdf plus pegintf plus high dose vit d3 to make intact pth lowest normal and hbsag low, this in 2014

Feb 04, 2015 - 1 comments

48weeks of this combo in 2014
fibroscan is around 4kpa since long time
hbsag baseline 2800iu/ml
hbvdna of course less than 10iu/ml and not detected

hbsag after 48weeks of this combo 699iu/ml hopefully will keep going down

during and after peg i found that high dose vit d3 makes more pegintf response especially on such high hbsag as i was that usually do not respond in most patients

goleic gcmaf is able, at least for me, to make pegintf sides to null.without it i had horrible sides effects

another round of peg would clear hbsag but since my liver was cirrhotic in 2009 i prefer to let it rest and see if i can clear on tdf plus goleic gcmaf plus high dose vit d3...still to determkne doses and response to this

updates feb 7th 2012

Feb 21, 2012 - 41 comments

antivirals: entecavir plus tenofovir
i had to add tenofovir because alinia was not available any more in sept 2011 and entecavir monotherapy was not able to keep hbvdna less than 20iu/ml

hepatitistechnologies protocol is giving wonderfull results fibrosis is 5.6kpa, liver with no fibrosis or liver from heathy people is less than 6kpa

added immune modulators gcmaf in may 2011 and probiotic immune modulator jan 2012

future add on to clear hbv interferon+etv+tdf

HR protocol

Dec 26, 2010 - 41 comments

i have tried protocol which is HR protocol which boosts fibrosis regression, liver function, kidneys function

i started 13th of nov and stopped the 13th of december and now that i have stopped i must say that it makes you feel so full of power and healthy that probably this treatment is superior to simply making hbvdna und.i have to say i didn t believe antioxidants could be so important in high fibrosis/cirrhosis liver although all the people in this situation has very unbalanced and aggressive oxidative state.

i also increase nitazoxanide to 2g daily during heptech treatment and it made ntz perfectly tollerable without use of probiotics

in 4 weeks it improved:
no fatigue and full power so that i'd go back to swimming regularly like once
creatinine back to low baseline values (it moved from 0.9 to 1.4, still normal range but it must stay always about the same because big differences mean there has been kidneys damage, there are no tests to see kidneys damage but only kidney function worsening after the damage)
alt, platlets little higher but they were already well within normal ranges
no more stomach bloats (air in the stomach) or frequent stool due to nitazoxanide treatment

i will restart as soon as i receive the pills, probably next week because i think i will be able to tollerate higher nitazoxanide dose by this hep tech protocol like 2,5g daily ntz which is the maxiumum dose on slow release tablets trials
we will choose with the researchers in pisa if dose at 2,5g daily is ok after another month of antioxidants from heptech