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Feeling blue

Sep 22, 2012 - 1 comments








I really dont know what it is about today but I am feeling semi depressed. I dont know if it is because I have too much on my mind or what. Im moving to dallas,tx from memphis,tn in two weeks. I really dont want to make this move so sudden but my aunt needs me. She just lost her husband of 27 years and she dont want to be alone. I hate the thought of having to start all over again in a state I would never move to on my own. I do eventually want to leave memphis,tn but when I have everything in order. I really wanted to stay in my hometown until I saved up enough money to move to atlanta,ga. That is where I really want to move to. But I will get there eventually. I am going to miss my two best friends of 6 years the most. I hate im leaving them behind but I will come back occasionally to visit them. But things will work out for the best. In a year I will move to atlanta,ga with my best friends.

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