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Hospital stay outcome Kidney stones and possible hernia!!

Apr 02, 2011 - 1 comments

Hi guys! been a while I know, was rushed to hospital last week and had a 5 day stay over!! had intense cramping pain in side that wouldnt let up no matter what, outcome was kidney stones on opposite side??? puzzling as I have a kidney cyst on other side. Have been having kidney infections for past two months and no antibiotics work.

Anyhow, Had a CT Scan, an Exray, injections in both side of my behind lol and a drip of fluid for dehydration, about 14 bags over 5 days or more! Had difene, panadol, tramodal, buscapan, and am now finishing off the antibiotic cyproxyn was on it intrevenously too!! Feel really crap.

The outcome results will be ready in 6 weeks time, to see if  I have ulcer or hiatiah hernia? I had to also have an Endoscopy plus Colonoscopy done at the same time Wednesday evening just gone, and then was allowed home after all the procedures!!!

For first 24-48 hours the cramping in the tummy abdominal and rib area including back was excrutiating but managed to control it with difene capsule thank God!! there is still rumbling going on in my tummy but have slowly tried to get my diet back up and running again, drinking about 2 litres of water a day alongside it too!! My stools have still not come back, only in form of diarriah (sorry for being so gross lol) but urininating fine.

I suppose the question I have is, how long roughly for recovery? as I feel so weak, feel like Im walking in slow emotion when Im walking around the house and kinda faint and dizzy too. Ive never had a hospital stay before like that, only when giving birth to my two kids years ago.

I finish the antibiotic in the morning, 7-8 days in total taking ciproxyn 500 tabs, at first intravanously then following 3 or 4 days on the tablet form.

When is it a good idea to start taking a multi vitamin again as Im also a little anaemic too???

Sorry for all the questions guys, but will value all opinions and answers in advance.

PS I had helicopacer pylori years ago and the doctor thinks I may have it again, awaiting the results. The doctor also says I had a very bad gastric infection as well.

God Bless,

Sharon XXXXX

Just a short note

Mar 23, 2010 - 4 comments

Hi this is just a short note to say I havn't posted on Medhelp in quite some time now, but that doesn't mean that I have totally forgotten all the people on here that have helped me through bad patches in my life, as in my marriage breakdown, anxiety eposodes, worry, etc, etc, thankfully everything has turned around full circle with the help of yourselves and of course with the help of God! I would just like to say that I do still think of you guys from time to time, especially ones I used to PM from time to time, as in Greenlydia, Lonewolf, Jimi, Knightrider, amongst many others. I am going to start checking in again from time to time and answering a few posts, if I can.

Anyway, just a big thanks to all you medhelp friends out there and I hope that life is treating you all very well.

lol, Sharon AKA Sunset 555

"There's a Reason"

Mar 29, 2009 - 3 comments

"There's a Reason"

For every pain that we must bear,
For every burden, every care,
              There's a reason.

For every grief that bows the head,
For every teardrop that is shed,
              There's a reason.

For every hurt, for every plight,
For every lonely pain-racked night,
              There's a reason.

But if we trust God as we should,
It all will work out for our good.
              He knows the reason.

"...We Know that for those who love
God all things work together unto
good..." (Romans VIII 28).

Happy New Year all my medhelp friends !!!!!

Dec 31, 2008 - 2 comments

I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year, and hope that 2009 brings you all the happiness you all deserve!

Also I would like to thank each and every one of you for all of your support throughout the year of 2008, it has meant an awful lot to me, and I really don't know how I could have coped without you. You are like a family to me.

Sharon XXXXX