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first try after miscarriage

Feb 03, 2013 - 0 comments

after miscarriages


first try





after taking different medication to help with tcc the day is finally here, i have a iui schedule for 9 am tomorrow morning 2/4/13. this time my dr changed my meds to the dr put me on estrace 2x a day vaginal, menopur @ 450mcg, ganirelix @ 250 mcg and ovidril trigger shot @ 450 mcg. i hope this is a final try to being positive... i am excieted and nervous all at the same time. will update soon.

my iui on oct 1st.

Nov 01, 2012 - 0 comments














i went on oct 1st for my 6th insemination. i have to wait the 2 weeks for the blood work. i have kept myself very busy so i wouldnt cheat to take a home preg test... finally the 15th came and i am like clock work with cramping, and spotting the same day i get the blood work. the blood work results were delayed and i wasnt going to get them til the 16th,but i had no cramping or spotting.. i asked my boyfriend to run to the store and pick me up a hpt and i took it and it was a faint +. i waited til the next morning and took another one at work and this time there was nothing faint and later that day it was confirmed that i was indeed preg.

the nurse stated that my levels were 119 which was very good from what i was told.  I started spotting on the 17th and the dr stated this was normal and not to worry. i went for additional blood work on the 19th and my levels reached 400.

over the weekend i started to bleed, no spotting and it worsen on the 21st which was a sun and the dr told me this is common and as long as i had no severe cramping or clots i am good but go for blood work in the morning.
i went to work and had the lab that is in our building do the labs and came back that the levels went up over 1,000

i then called on thur the 25th letting them know i was getting heavier bleeding and they called me in that day and took blood work and did a pelvic exam and ultrasound. my cervix is closed and there is a sac and everything looks great.  i just happen to be one of these women that will have my period on and off ... nothing to worry about....

as of oct 30th-31st i had no bleeding, until 2:30 am woke me up to use the bathroom and blood ran down my leg. i was worried but convinced myself to calm down and checked how i felt (no severe cramping, or clots). then i put myself on bedrest, the bleeding stopped and then today nov 1st i started bleeding heavy again in the afternoon....put myself on bedrest until tomorrow when i go to the dr at 3:45 my sonogram. i just pray everything is ok....

i went to the dr and he said he didnt think this was going to be a vial preg the shape of the sac was oblong and no heartbeat. he told me to wait due to sometimes these things do change but not often..

on nov 3rd i went to the er because i had major cramping and bleeding.. we got there and had such a run a round, the things that transpired is way to long to explain but i was there for 8 hours and they finally called my dr 7 hours after being there and 4 sonograms with different discoveries ... so i spoke to the dr and he stated that he want to see me mon morning and so i made the appointment and went there and he gave me a sonogram and he declared the preg has ended.. then the choices were given on how to releace the preg...  allow my body to release it (in which i choose) or take the pills, or dnc. i choose to allow my body to release the preg in which it didnt after 2 week wait, so when i went back to get checked the dr asked what my next choice would be or would i like to wait another 2 weeks... i choose the pills (omg! these meds actually put you in to labor, the pain, the bleeding, everything that a woman would experience with out meds is what i experienced) there was 4 pills that friday night and then 4 pills sat inserted vag... when they kicked in i knew it... thank god it was over by sun i was exhausted and slept for the day... horrific experience...