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advice needed on ERCP necesssity

Feb 01, 2008 - 0 comments



gastro problems

I am a 60 year old white female who doesn't drink or smoke.  About a month ago I started getting nauseated, having some discomfort at the bottom end of my ribs on the right side.  I had blood in my stool.  The Dr. scoped me on both ends and I had polyps and a hiatial hernia along with GERD.  He ordered a liver panel and ultra-sound on my abdomen.  My blood work came back with my amylase being 227(20-112 is normal),my GGTP114 (normal 0-53), and elevated Globulin (Calc) 3.2.  The ultra-sound showed nodules in the gallbladder wall.  I then had a HIDA scan w/cck done.  The Dr. said it was in the normal range.  Now he wants to do an ERCP because he wants to enlarge the opening of my bile duct.  About 6 years ago I had an ERCP with a stent put in my blocked duct.  I wound up with acute pancreatitis and was in the hospital for 5 days.  I am really hesitant about having this procedure done and I would really appreacite ANY feedback you can give me.

Thanks in advance.